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Duo Pasto in Club One

Success Nineball the concert some time ago, soulmate Event Organizer musicians to bring back the leaves are rising, Duo Pasto. Vocal group consisting of Rayen and Meltho this, will manggung at Club One Jodoh Novotel Hotel, Friday (12 / 6).

Titled Month of Love, this duo will greet clubers Batam with the songs are from their first album, which is released under created by Maia Estianty.

One of the duo are tembang I doubt this is Back. This song never was populer and the Queen-in aransment back. With a unique voice and unique Rayen and Meltho, this song again and decorate melejit alignment of country songs. "Pasto's certainly should not be missed. This is the first in Batam, "said Rolly, representing management soulmate. Rolly said, this event will be held starting at 22:00 until after the Club One, Novotel Hotel Jodoh.

Real G Show Band Pub in Volcano

On this night, Friday (5 / 6), Volcano Pub Comfort Hotel And Resort Batu 10 Tanjungpinang, Farewell party for the Kane Band and welcome party Real G Band. Ascertained, in the Farewell, the only pub in the Tanjungpinang this, entertainment will be presenting a more attractive for visitors to the pub.

Assistant Sales Manager Machael Amd the Real Band G which are at this time, Jakarta is home to the band 9 personnel consisting of 6 players and 4 vocalist. "The presence of this band group band spectacular guests, and make guests feel like listening to music in the Volcano strain this," said him.

Not to dissipate this opportunity, Machael hope to the clubber in the Tanjungpinang and surrounding areas can see the event. Before appearing in Tanjungpinang, group band ever to appear in Vista Batam, Planet Citeros Dumai and Pekanbaru in the Green Space.