E Groove: Holy Night in December

E Groove Pub at Hotel Penuin 89 Christmas Eve December 24, 2009 held a party called Holy Night in December. The party is full of entertainment is also rang magic.

"Party is deliberately presented to further enliven the Christmas night," said Tovan, Manager E Groove Hotel 89, Tuesday (22/12).

The event which started at 21.00 pm it will be entertained Clubbers Batam Nou Property Band performances from Jakarta. And the presence of DJ Beautiful Goddess of Makassar which of course will further enliven the Christmas Eve. "At night our guests will also be looking pukau dancer and a traditional magic show," explained Tovan.

Interestingly again, visitors the opportunity to bring home from quizzes and games which are specifically presented by the E Groove.

Noname Cafe: Dazzling Christmas

Celebrating Christmas, Noname create a special event for two consecutive nights of December, 24-25. By taking the theme Dazzling White Christmas will feature DJs from Jakarta Boni.

Boni own DJ well known for nonameholic recently has appeared in the cafe located in the basement of Hotel Harmony.

As one of the DJ board bag among the Clubbers, DJ Boni has its own characteristics in playing the songs. "DJ play a special Boni enough trance rhythms nge-beat and well-liked by visitors Noname," Wiwi said, Noname Cafe Manager.

In addition to DJ appearances Boni, two bands Noname Cafe home of the Kings Band and Band Crossovers. "Not to forget DJ Watu residence was also called," Wiwi said.

If you're curious to enjoy this show, can be directly to Noname.

E Groove: Peaceful Christmas Eve

E Groove Pub at Hotel 89 Penuin cooperate LA Lights night (24/12) will hold a Christmas Eve will reconcile with the entertainment and magic shows.

"For Clubbers Batam with no show on Christmas Eve, can join the E Groove," said Tovan, Manager E Groove Hotel 89, Tuesday (22/12).

Tovan further entertainment, a band performance from Jakarta Nou Property Band, DJ Beautiful Goddess of Makassar, dance and games and quizzes interesting. "Not only that, the eye visitors will also dipukau by the traditional magic show," he explained.

To guests who purchase the most, E Groove will also provide attractive prizes in the form of a Christmas parcel. To have a Christmas feel thicker, ranging from employees to typical costumed band Christmas and Santa hat wearing.

Club One: Christmas with Santa

CLUB One Novotel preparing themed event called Christmas with Santa for the warm Christmas Eve, Thursday (24/12) today.

Apart from presenting newer group Batam, Fibonacci, the club that fester in the basement of Hotel Novotel, love match that also featured Xplosion. The band origin of flowers, Bandung, which brought the genre of contemporary music, will bring the songs hottest today.

"Xplosion also have albums. One of those hits were Rock Your Life. Suguhkan their songs on Christmas night celebration is guaranteed to make visitors happy, "said Manager Club One Novotel, Richard Augustine in Baloi, yesterday.

Not just a band, Club One will also feature hot dancer and Last Breakin Breaker's of good kids breakdance battle concept. Not to forget, DJ Ragil. Throughout the evening, Batam will be pampered clubber stomping music from the turn table played this experienced disc jockey.

"The atmosphere is supported sparkling attractions such compelling attraction and visual flair lighting efect spectacular," said Richard.


Alice Norin DJ in the Pub GG

ENJOY party tonight, no one if the visit to GG Pub in the Hotel Nagoya, Batam. Because, Alice Norin DJ will entertain you the Clubbers GG Pub, this Thursday night (3 / 11). Artis sinetron Are You Really this, of course, will perform optimally. Giving new nuances for Clubbers GG Pub. Through the music game can hit the adrenaline Clubbers.

What she looks like at night? Let's do not miss the party tonight with DJ entertainment Alice Norin by coming to GG Pub. GG Pub, began to open at 21:30 pm until finished.

DJ Laura on Star Club

Providing entertainment is different in the Star Club Hotel Wiko, Disk Jockey (DJ) from Jakarta, Lala will pound the entertainment stage in Tanjungbalai Karimun. DJ Indonesia's tour is a show with the theme Clas Mild Women on Top at the Star Club Executive Pub, Hotel Wiko, Karimun, Saturday (12/12) later.

Campaign Staff Clas Mild Kepri, Safuan said, in order to satisfy the clubers, DJ Laura will carry 18 Best Beat. In addition to appearing in several major cities in the country, which had a beautiful DJ's real name is Romla, also often show skill in combining music from the disc in Malaysia and Singapore.

"DJ Laura has also appeared together with famous DJ from Malaysia, Afterhour DJ Syeni in Kuala Lumpur. If the quality and capacity problems, the DJ will be able to satisfy Laura clubers Karimun, "said Safuan, yesterday.