Noname Cafe Looking for Sexy Girls

The girl in Batam that felt sexy and brave appears, currently was challenged by Noname Cafe.
From today, on Wednesday (27/2) to his agenda this coming Saturday night (1/3), the section's girls could in Batam register themselves to Noname.

Wiwi, Manager Noname Cafe said, the criterion of the section's girl that it was thought was what was have the feeling of the self-confidence.

The section of the Noname version must not must be minimal.
But that important was confident (the self-confidence, red), smart although fat but stayed sexy, said Wiwi.

This site of the election of the section's girl along with the theme of the agenda welcome party OP Band namely the Creature Be Paling Seksi.

This theme was taken from the new song belonging to Mulan Jamella namely the Creature the Lord Be Paling Seksi.

For the assessment later from Noname and the visitor that came.
We wanted the visitor especially Nonameholic to be able to give the appreciation of the section's girls of the Noname version, said Wiwi.

Concerning this election of the section's girl, Noname often imported the section's model from Jakarta like FHM Models and Maxim Magazine.

This time we wanted to make the model personally from Batam, although not losing pretty and sexy compared to Jakarta, said Wiwi.

Sexy from Indonesia


Her Name is Ratna

I meet her in hospital and she want accompany me to noname cafe. She is so sexy and tenderly.



Valentine's day with Dedi Yunus

EACH was on February 14 known the affection valentine day.
And in each date, many good couples that still far and closed, went out until marrying that celebrated him.

Torque valentine then was carried each place hang out to celebrite the annual agenda this world.

One of them that could become the choice for that wanted to celebrate them were Noname Cafe.

The place hang out that was enough to be known clubbers this will carry the theme of Love Is In The Air exact on Thursday night (14/2).

Not half-hearted, in iven together La Lights this, Noname will invite the romantic singer of the specialist of lyrics, Hedi Yunus.

This Kahitna vocalist was indeed known with the song mellow that could sweep the atmosphere away valentine became more romantic.

Moreover Hedi Yunus with stage performance that was very ripe, we were convinced could bring torque that was beautiful for audience Noname.

And the romantic impression that was created became more beautiful with the couple who came, said Wiwi, the manager Noname Cafe.

Not only Hedi Yunus, the visitor who came also to be served by the appearance great the model from Catwalks Models as well as two home the Noname band namely The Kings and New Colours, that will bring the lyric had the theme the affection.

Could the domestic song, abroad and various currents.
Could rock through to that mellow, said Wiwi as noname cafe manager.


Touch me

The Bigz and Hot the Off Jurassic Pub

Jurassic Pub and KTV Room continued to carry out the blow to spoil his loyal visitor.
Tonight Jurassic Pub that was located on the floor of two Avava plazas put forward two bands at the same time.
The Off note the band as home the band of Jurassic Pub will appear with The Bigz Band.
Two bands will bring various songs in accordance with the request clubbers Jurassic.

The Bigz that pioneer by Rio in the vowel, JD the vowel, Endang the vowel, Mila the vowel, Igun keyboard, Ivan bass, Hendrik lead guitar, and Abiel in the drum, sebenarya appeared in Jurassic last Saturday (2/2).

The The Bigz appearance could that night revive the atmosphere and made clubbers Jurassic was entertained.
Everything that same evening appeared Light the Band that was the winner of the Band Festival of MoE Crazy Day.
With hard-line songs, Light Band could burn suasasana Saturday night that, and invited clubbers was mad.

The Bigz was placed on the agenda appeared as the band every time on Thursday and on Saturday night.
Whereas Light Band will also immediately before long gather in Jurassic.

Koloborasi The Bigz was with the Off Band Note hoped for could increase bright the atmosphere in Jurassic.
With the unique design, Jurassic Pub that had 14 vips cream and one hall this could become the choice for clubbers that wanted to look for the new atmosphere.

Everything of each Room VIP was in Jurassic Pub designed differed, so as clubbers will not be had been bored.

Many of our guests who came at once were with this place impressed, said Along.
Moreover we offered the price of the competitive drink.
Every time ordered two bottles of the Chivas drink or that of this kind, will get one free bottle, he added again.

Moreover, Jurassic also held the program 3 jug free 2 jug for the purchase of Heineken beer every day Ahad, and on the normal day of two jug free 1 jug.

Only not arrive in there. In order to satisfy each one of his loyal visitors, Jurassic Pub gave the special discount 45 percent for the purchase 2 free 1 of the prices original, and the discount 55 percent for the purchase 1 bottle or one jug for the holders member card.

Whereas for the normal visitor will get the discount of 40 percent of the price of the origin for the purchase 2 free one, and the discount 50 percent for the purchase of one bottle.



City Cafe produced Four Seasons

The Indonesian musical INDUSTRY evidently did not want to lose to Taiwan.
When in the Asian country middle this had boyband phenomenal F4, then in the country had Four Seasons one boyband that set aside brought very polite lyrics the Mandarin।

Four seasons.jpgKebetulan, to celebrate New Year China (Imlek), New City Cafe that was in Batam Centre will produce boyband that just launched their first album last December 2007.
They will be present on the Ahad day (3/2) began to strike 09,00 PM in iven Clas Mild present The Red the Lantern of Party with Four Seasons @ New City Cafe।

The Indrajaya star from PT NTI Batam (Clas Mild) said, the first Four Seasons album was launched last December 11 2007 by Universal Music Indonesia।

His first album was given by the Tian Zi title that meant Children of Heaven.
Four Seasons had four personnel that the representative uniqueness four seasons in the world that is Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Unlike boyband Indonesia generally that only sang the person's song and not mengomposisi the song, then boyband this precisely made personally eight songs from 10 songs that were gotten in the Tian Zi album।
Two other songs were the recycling song, Good Bye My Love that had been sung by Teresa Teng।
Lainya, the Terindah Memory song belonging to Samsons that dialihbahasakan in the Mandarin's language to Zui in May li De Hui Yi.

Singapore Idol heated Peak Cafe

Peak Cafe Hotel Vista again made geberakan just.
With the design of the room that more minimalis, was enlivened by the black colour, Peak Cafe spoiled his guest by bringing Singapore Idol in, Maia Lee on Friday, (1/1) then.

With the theme of Night of the Stars, Maia Lee that was accompanied was accompanied the band of the escort, One Piece Band could from Bandung mesmerise approximately 200 guests who filled Peak Cafe.
Although the appearance of the champion of three Singapore Idol this rather the night, but, the visitor Peak not berenjak from the Peak seat.

They wanted to witness the sweet Singaporean artist indicating teeth.
Maia rose the stage around struck 00,00 PM until 01,15 PM. Tanpa were shy, he at once sang out rhythmic mainstay songs great fourty to entertain the visitor Peak.

The Manager was Operasional Vista Hotel, Sukardi said, his side deliberate brought Maia Lee in in order to entertains the visitor Peak.

When the concert was taking place, for the member Peak was not picked up the cost when entering Cafe.
Apart from Maia Lee, Sukardi planned to bring Indonesian artists who have had the name in.
Moreover, today, Peak will spread out Event Farewell with the Chinese New Year Farewell theme.