Noname Cafe, Underwater Party III

WORLD beneath the sea inspire Noname Cafe to create a event for visitors setianya. Previously, similar events have been held two times and get the appreciation nonameholic.

Thursday night (28 / 5), theme Party Underwater III, will be carried back. With display Wattu DJ, MDS Band and TNT Band, this event will be unique and slightly different from the previous two events.

"There is something new in this Underwater Party III," said Wiwi, Noname Cafe Manager. In this event, there are games funny-games to test the mental nonameholic dare appear. Participate in a variety of gifts we prepare, "he added.

Noname often bring their own events special to the faithful visitor. "This is to give new things, so always get a heart Noname among clubbers in Batam," Wiwi said.

Step Cafe show The Texas Ranger

STEP Jodoh Cafe in Batam, on Thursday (28 / 5) night, the event will serve Texas Ranger theme for clubbers. Even through this exciting time, clubbers will bernostalgia dimensions at once into the cowboy.

"Overall compliance with the theme, start decorating, entertain, the band's appearance, waitress. Overall nuances cowpuncher relic, "said Olivia, Entertainer of the Step Cafe, Wednesday (27 / 5) to Batam Pos.

Home Cafe Precisio Step band Band from appearing with the western style of clothing. Although rock style, Precisio Band, he can adjust with the theme of the event and meet all the songs demand clubbers. Appearance is also a la cowboy dikenakkan DJ Dian and his waitress. Ascertained, clubbers akan atmosphere brought the heroic cowboy.

"Clubbers are expected to wear cowboy nuanced, if not no use whatsoever. But, from all the clubbers who wear western clothes, good guy and will do our best to find style, get a prize Step Cafe, "he said.

Hot Model


This night, Starlight act

Entertainment soulmate back show exciting event titled Secret Angels, a weekly night to give a young servant in Batam.

"Clubbers Batam may be saturated if continual events are monoton. So we try to combine several showtimes at once," said Roly Entertainment's soulmate in the Batam Pos Baloi, yesterday.

In addition to fashion show, clubbers will enjoy showtimes contemporary dance and music that were homeband Club One, V-Luta Band, and DJ Ragil action.

According to Roly, visitors can not only entertainment that came to it. "We will also distribute prizes through games and lucky draw with attractive prizes," tukas Roly.

In addition seabrek spectacle and prizes, Club One provides a range of facilities. Roly mentioned, visitors will get a bottle club VIP card for free.

The card can be used anywhere in the home have VIP club logo in the place. "The card is to get 10 percent discount, for each purchase of a drink," tukas Roly.

Home Autosteps Pub Local Band from Batam

Complement the rapid development of entertainment in Batam, the Autosteps Pub comes with a creative style. Pub resemble sporti this theme, starting mid week ago carry My Band as the band's home. Interestingly, this home is a band local band Batam.

Overview of not much different from my band, but not with any of the My Band is all young people Batam. "While My Band is local Band Batam, but the game music and the vokalist still not lose with the band's home outside Batam,''said Billy, Autosteps Pub Manager, yesterday.

Eight of the My Band, namely Opic (vocal), Kiki (vocal), Desi (vocal), Nova (vocal), Nando (guitar), Edi (base), Agus Keyboard & I-Is (drummer).

In this special night, Saturday (23 / 5) My Band will present the theme of each Request Top visitors Autosteps Pub. Variety demand akan My Band played the song is Top 40, Rock, Pop, and others. Pragram with this, every visitor can be Autosteps Pub will consoled with the songs played in my band.

With a name easy to remember, My Band hope will get a place in every heart Autoclubbers Batam and surrounding areas. Because children's achievement Batam this band in the world of entertainment is quite good.


Collaboration Model in Sexy Noname

HAVE to be a routine agenda for Noname Cafe always the disc jockey (DJ) famous country. This time, the cafe is in the ground floor of the Hotel Harmoni, the DJ Lola and a line of beautiful models in the Women sensation even 2009, Thursday (21 / 5) night.

In this special event, the collaboration between DJ Lola and the model will create a section in the atmosphere Noname be more excited. Her career spent much of the world sinetron stars and a number of ad products.

Not only that, this beautiful girl also a model. In 2006 he began to disc jockey, after enjoying disc jockey at the event. Ability to play DJ heavily influenced by games such as the world top DJs Mark Knight, Austin Leeds, Steve Angello, Robbie Rivera, Alex Morph, Matthew Dekay, Gabriel and Dresden.

"Lola own DJ to play more advanced music original Jazzy, Soulful, Progressive, Electro or House Compositions," said Wiwi, Noname Cafe Manager.

DJ Lola also able to adjust the DJ playing music with his club or the city that he visited. "Especially in Noname, DJ Lola has to prepare special music for the nonameholic," Wiwi said. In addition to DJ's Lola, the two beautiful and sexy models will also add a warm event tonight. "So be pitied indeed when even skip this," Wiwi said.


Browse Most Being Sexy E'Groove

E'Groove in the Hotel 89 Hotel Penuin, Batam, Senin (18 / 5) will be presenting this evening of unforgettable entertainment for clubbers. Through the theme of Explore Red Venus, clubbers being able to explore the section.

"Through the theme of this event, clubbers can explore the performance of the feminine E'Groove," said Suandi, Operations Manager E'Groove.

Who are the feminine is, they are a DJ Lola Alicia, vocalis guy form Star One Band Bandung, DJ Andhika, and F Dancer Agency, including the girl's kru E'Groove. DJ Lola, a new show on E'Groove know? "Yes, Female DJ will not appear on this Monday night to entertain clubbers,''answered. DJ Who is Lola? Is a DJ that already appear in the four countries.

"Singapore, Australia, Malaysia and Indonesia itself," a Suandi. Specifically in Indonesia, continued, DJ Lola has to appear in at least 15 major cities. "DJ Lola also often follow events international standart. Concerning the quality, do not doubt,''he said.

In the event, management E'Groove will also be presenting the appearance of the feminim ready to "explore". "What's the action, the surprise is, clubbers can watch themselves.

Do not miss to see how the surprise is,''he said. Do not miss to see how the surprise is,''he said.

Event that night, also with doorprize and quiz that allows clubbers to get the prize. To access the entertainment is perfect, every clubbers buy tickets Rp 20.000. From the ticket, the clubbers get a free packet of cigarettes brand Gulden.

Score at the DnB Lounge Great Rhythm Band Show compact

EVENTS titled Launch Member Card by Score DnB, Fri (15 / 5), held gala. The presence of a new band Rhythm on the Great perdananya provide shade for clubbers who came that night.

Great game Rhythm Band with a compact treat music with a distinctive rhythm to make clubbers "drift". Moreover, when the band's collaboration with the band previous home Nou Property Band.

Peak, while Stefanie Chen Sing appear to give meaning party for clubbers. Appearance Stefanie Chen Sing, the new vocalist recording in Singapore is the most spectacular night clubbers.

Reasonable only because Stefanie is a champion in the event Battle of Voice competition in Singapore in 2007.
Stefanie also succeeded in reaching third place champion Chen Sing competition held Indosiar TV station.

Beauty Girls


Sexy Girls

Many young women in the province dream of being a top model. There is a popular saying here that reflects that ideal: ""It is better to eat nothing than not be stylish.""

Motorcycle Girls

Many young women in the province dream of being a top model. There is a popular saying here that reflects that ideal: ""It is better to eat nothing than not be stylish.""


Indonesian Model

Many young women in the province dream of being a top model. There is a popular saying here that reflects that ideal: ""It is better to eat nothing than not be stylish.""