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GIRLS OF BATAM: One Bule's Experience - GIRL SIX

by asiaphan

I met Jensen at Lucy’s in the afternoon. He once again asked me what I wanted. This time I had a specific answer. I told him I wanted to have short time with a drop dead gorgeous stunner of a girl. He said he would try his best. He took me to nearby Dynasty99. I saw one or two girls that were good looking to me, but not super hot. Both of them were clearly avoiding eye contact with me. I pointed out the two I liked to Jensen and he confirmed my impression that they did not want to go with foreigners. He then pointed out a younger looking girl with bigger breasts, who was sitting alone. I said she looked OK, which she did, but asked if he knew any other places. I was hoping to find a real stunner. We went across the street to Queens massage, not to be confused with Queen Bee, the very first place I went.

Queens is a fish bowl type place, the first one I had been to in Batam, or anywhere for that matter. Instead of a large picture window to view the girls as I had imagined, there was only a narrow slit in the wall, and it was hard to see all the girls. I had to move around, and walk back and forth. I felt quite silly peering in through the slats, like I was shopping for a good piece of meat, while Jensen, the manager, and a couple of flunkies watched me. The girls could see my face peering in at them, and I saw all the same reactions I had seen in the other places. Some consciously made heavy eye contact, some clearly tried hard to NOT make eye contact staring at the floor, others ignored me, some pointed to themselves, some stood up and turned around for me, a wide variety of responses, and a wide range of beauty among the girls. There were three that caught my interest, and one especially. She looked very young, 18 at the most, was very, very slim and petite, had long straight hair, fair skin, wore a tight halter top and tight jeans showing her very slim hips, reminded me of one of my employees back home that I had mightily, but secretly, lusted after. She looked a little whorish, but was very desirable to me. The manager called her out to meet me. Seeing the whole package in front of me, I definitely wanted this one. But the girl seemed very indifferent to me, and was not making eye contact. There was some discussion between Jensen and the manager. It was pretty clear the girl was very reluctant about going with me. I told Jensen that if the girl really did not want to go with me, that I did not want to push it. He said she did not want to go with me because I was bule, white foreigner. I pointed out the other two girls I found appealing, and he told me they would not go with me either for the same reason. We left. I asked him if he knew any other places. He suggested we go back to Dynasty99 and get a girl. I again asked him about other other places, as I knew there were dozens of places I had not visited in Batam. He drove another two minutes down the road to Crown, don’t know if it was officially a karaoke joint or massage, does not matter. There were no girls of any interest to me in Crown. I asked him if he knew any other places, but I got the message from his demeanor that my tour was up and I should choose from what I had already seen. A little disappointed, I opted to go back to Dynasty99 and take the younger girl with bigger breasts.

Jensen talked to the manager and arranged it. He told me I would be the girl’s first foreigner, that she was willing to try it, but might be a little nervous or scared. The girl took me to a short time room. I was, for the umpteenth time in Batam, taken aback at the ghastly conditions. The room was very small, had a small twin sized bed with a dirty bed cover, dirty wall, peeling paint, a stall with a hole in the floor and a bucket of water that was both shower and toilet, an air conditioner that did not work, and maybe worst of all, no windows! We sat on the edge of the bed, and after a minute of uncomfortable silence, it was clear I spoke no Indonesian and she no English. She unceremoniously took off her clothes and could not have done so in a less sensual way! I took off my clothes. She laid on the dingy sheets and opened her legs. Boy, this was pretty hard core! Not my speed at all, but I did my best to go through with it, for the experience if nothing else. And I was not sure if anything bad would happen to the girl if I backed out at that point. Would the manager think the girl had done something wrong and punish or penalize her?

Girl Six was fairly cute, almost chubby, she probably will be out right chubby in another year or two. Sort of nice breasts, but they looked better with her bra supporting them. Inverted nipples, hairless pussy, smooth skin, coarse hair a little past her shoulders. A young looking body, but not real hot. Like most of the girls before her, she was very dry when trying to enter, and a little prodding with my finger did nothing to help. I went at it, trying to enter gently and slowly. She winced a little. After several minutes and a couple aborted attempts, I was in. She did not seem uncomfortable at all, and even smiled back at me a couple of times, but was clearly not getting any sexual pleasure. She was almost completely passive. But at that moment it was better for me than the overly active and unsensual techniques I had experienced the last three nights. So what is wrong with me? I complain that one is too passive, then get two very active girls and they are too active, and get another passive girl and don’t like that either?

The room was hot and stuffy, sweat started to pour off my face, I was more and more afraid the girl would think I was a real pig, (and Muslims don’t like pigs!). I struggled to finish up, and finally did, barely reaching a weak orgasm. She “showered” by pouring a bucket of water over herself in the toilet/shower room. I suppose her impression that I was a pig grew by leaps and bounds when I refused to go in the stall for a “shower”. I tipped her a small amount, maybe 30,000, and took a taxi back to the hotel. I called Jensen on his cell phone, and told him I would not be needing his services that night, that I planned to just go drinking and bar hopping and maybe find something on my own.


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GIRLS OF BATAM: One Bule's Experience - GIRL FIVE

by asiaphan

Late Sunday afternoon I met up with Jensen once again, at Lucy’s. He asked me what I wanted. I found it hard to answer him because I did not know what I wanted. I think I said I wanted to fall in love. He took me to Memory, right across from my hotel, a place I had looked inside earlier that day on my own and saw nothing of interest. But I was willing to let Jensen do his thing. The first girl he picked out for me the night before was really very good, even though not exactly my type and not as pretty as I might have hoped. I should rephrase that, she actually had a very pretty face, and a sexy body, just bigger than I prefer, and her body showed the after effects of pregnancy. She looked very much like a light skinned American black girl. But that was yesterday. Today, on to someone new.

Jensen introduced me to a girl. I was very hesitant in taking her, because she was rather plain looking in the dark of the club. But there were none much better, and Jensen recommended her highly. So we did the deal. Jensen told me she was good at massage, and that I should feel free to do anything I wanted with her, and that I should tell him if I was not satisfied. Once again, I did not like the attitude he displayed, treating the girls like a new car or something.

This girl had very short hair, and not a stylish cut at all. She wore conservative, non sexy clothes, looked like Kmart polyester specials. She wore little make up, had big eyes, a slim body with nice breasts, but her body was not real curvy, and her arms and legs were gangly, hanging from her body a little too loosely. She had a high waist but not long legs. Not unattractive, but hardly a stunner.

Jensen again paid the manager the booking fee, 280,000, and drove us across the street to the hotel. As soon as we got into the room the girl went into motion. She set her stuff down, and started to immediately pick up the room. She picked up the book I had been reading and had left upside down on the table to mark my place. She closed it and set it on the desk, losing my place. She proceeded to neaten up my papers and pens and other items on the desk. She picked up the few clothes laying around and folded them. She looked in the wardrobe at my little pile of dirty clothes, and folded them too! I told her they were dirty and to be laundered, she still folded them neatly, then placed them in a plastic laundry bag. She continued her nearly obsessive tidiness routine all around the room.

I forget how, but we eventually ended up in the bathroom, after I watched her play maid for 30 minutes or so. I intended to take a shower before hitting the sack with her, but instead she dropped a little bottle of the complementary shampoo in the tub and started to fill it with water. She had me sit down, and started to give me a massage in the tub. Not bad, but I would have preferred to wash in the tub and be massaged on the bed. I washed myself a little, and she massaged me incessantly. I suppose for most guys it would have been excellent (and it was pretty good), but there was something almost obsessive about her that was a little bit annoying. She continued to massage me, on any part of my body she could reach. But after twenty minutes I was getting very wrinkled, water logged, and a bit uncomfortable of sitting in the small bathtub for that long. I finally told her I wanted to move to the bed and she of course said yes.

Moving to the bed, she spent a long time adjusting the covers to be just right so that I could lay down and receive her massage. She had unpacked her small bag and had an amazing supply of massage “condiments”, lotion, oil, balsam rub, menthol cream, etc. I had also noticed a neat row of small bottles in the bathroom, more of her personal items. She had successfully moved herself right into my room in less than an hour!

I laid on the bed and she proceeded to give me a long, and pretty thorough massage. I wish I could say it was great. It was very good, but a little haphazard. She repeated the same technique over and over again on the same part of my body. One of her favorite techniques that I soon came to dislike was to run her bony, skinny fingers along one of my fingers, loosening it up and then suddenly pulling the tip to make the knuckles crack. She must have tried to do that three times to each finger and twice to each toe, spending a couple of minutes on each digit. Once would have been plenty!

I cannot remember if she finished the massage, or if I said thank you and moved on myself. But we eventually moved on. This girl was very much like the girl from the previous evening. She was very active and energetic, willing to do pretty much anything. Kissed eagerly, gave good bbbj, but once again it seemed she had a routine she was doing. If I got a bj from her again, it would be nearly identical, stroke for stroke, suck for suck, nibble for nibble, to the first one. She went from sucking, to licking the shaft, to using her hand, to nibbling my balls, to tickling the shaft with her tongue, and back to sucking far too quickly for my personal tastes. She never spent more than four or five seconds on any one activity, and pretty much showed me her whole repertoire in about one minute. She, like the lady before her, was pretty much oblivious to what I liked or disliked, just went ahead with her routine. Do not misunderstand, she was good, quite good, and I suspect most men would have rated her technique very high. It just wasn’t exactly my style I guess.

As we proceeded to the main event, I once again had to show great self discipline and stop her from guiding me home without a protective covering. I grabbed a condom from my bedside stand, slipped it on, and she slipped me in. She was much easier to enter than the previous ladies, but did not seem really wet or turned on. Despite Jensen’s insistence that she was “tight”, I did not feel a whole lot of sensation down there. She showed me her next special talent, rolling her eyes back into her head. She did it again and again, feigning passion I suppose, but I soon found it as annoying as her trying to crack my knuckles ten times in ten minutes. After fucking in several positions, I was not really getting into it. Part of the problem was that she was too active. She was constantly moving her legs around, squeezing them together, spreading them apart, resting them on my shoulders, and using her arms to squeeze me, or scrape my back, then my butt, then spread them out over her head, then grabbed me tightly again. Just like her blow job, she showed me all her moves in the first two minutes, and then just kept repeating them mindlessly. She was oblivious to my rhythm, to my speed, just kept on moving around. It seemed like she and the girl from the previous night had both graduated from the Jensen school of sex tricks for foreigners. Both applied the skills well, but with little understanding of sensuality.

I suppose I was getting a bit brazen after having had a few different girls, wanted to broaden my horizons a bit, and it seemed as though this girl was quite willing to do anything. I pulled myself up and positioned my dick next to her face and started to slowly put it in her mouth. She took me quite willingly. I removed the condom for better sensation, again no objection from her. I was amazed when she opened very wide and literally took me down her throat. Now that was a very good thing. I slowly and gently started to fuck her throat, a first for me. Just as I started to get a good rhythm, she gagged or choked. Of course I let her up to catch her breath. It also set my clock back a bit. Then we continued. One time she actually got up and went to the bathroom to spit and recover a bit after choking, but came back for more, urging me to continue. Each time after one of her little breaks, I had a little set back, but then got closer and closer to the finish line during the next stint. Between hitting her teeth too many times, and her momentary chokes and gags, it took quite a while for me to finish, but I finally felt the familiar twinge in my balls. I almost hesitated in letting go in her mouth, but decided to just enjoy myself…….was the Lucy/Jensen attitude about the girls rubbing off on me? Maybe. At any rate, I came in her mouth, quite a lot as it had taken quite a while to build up to orgasm. When I looked down to inspect the damage I was greeted with quite a sight, a long white streak on her left cheek, and cum bubbling and oozing out of her mouth. She let it stay on her lips a long time before allowing it to dribble out the corner of her mouth and down her cheek. Damn, just like in the porno vids! Definitely an orgasm for the record books. We cleaned up, and went to sleep for the night. She continued to be very nice, cuddled when I wanted, let me sleep when I wanted. Neither one of us instigated any further sex play that night.

This girl was pretty much as perfect as any man could hope for, so why was I not more pleased with her????

We had a quickie in the morning, just a traditional fuck.

Then down to breakfast, I think. I can’t remember. I do remember thinking whether to keep her for another day or not. She really was very nice, and I did not want to go through yet another search mission, and risk getting someone less desirable. I decided to ask her to stay another day. We called Jensen who said he would pay the manager for me. I thought that was silly as Memory was right across the street and said I would pay it. But he insisted, and then I realized that he was certainly getting a commission from the bookings.

Jensen always told me the price of the booking, and paid the booking fee himself, letting me pay him back later. When we went to Memory the price he told me was in fact the same price the manager had quoted me earlier in the day when I went there alone. So I guess the house gave him a discount and he kept the rest as commission.

Girl Five’s English was not very good, but she was a real trooper at trying to communicate. We used my electronic calculator and phrase book endlessly. She was a good teacher, and patient. She really was wonderful. I told her I needed to go to the bank to exchange some Travelers Checks, and she accompanied me to the bank. She started to get a taxi by habit, I told her I wanted to walk for a bit of exercise, and she easily agreed. It was only a ten-minute walk to the bank, but dodging the garbage, broken tiles on the occasional sidewalks, potholes, mud puddles, and traffic in the humid heat made a ten minute walk seem like a marathon. We arrived at BCA bank mid morning on Monday, and it was packed as bad as a Tokyo subway in rush hour. Unbelievable. I saw another bank a block away, and we went there. Still crowded, but manageable. My girl seemed quite lost, even though she could read the signs. I went upstairs to the money exchange and she followed. Eventually an attractive, middle aged lady came out from a back room somewhere and asked me what I wanted. I showed her my Travelers Checks and she told me to go to window number 4 downstairs. Then she said something to my girl, I though I saw her shake her head in response. I could not understand any of the words, but I am nearly 100% certain that the lady had asked if she was my wife, and she of course had to say no, which was probably the same as admitting she was a prostitute. The bank lady showed no change in attitude when speaking to me, but I am sure I saw a look of disdain on her face when she looked the girl standing next to me. The poor girl was holding her head a bit lower and drooping her shoulders, clearly a look of shame as we walked down the stairs. I felt pretty low to have put such a nice girl in that situation.

I exchanged my money, and my girl continued to be a trooper. But after my experience with Girl Two, I knew I should not push the guide thing very much. She wanted to go shopping to buy detergent to wash my clothes. Instead of going to a busy public shopping place, or any of the local independent stores, we used the store in the basement of the Melia. It was always uncrowded, secluded, and accustomed to foreigners. She seemed comfortable shopping there, and I felt like I had made a good choice, trying to make up for the incident at the bank. I asked her to buy some chip type snacks for us, and she did. She also bought laundry supplies, checking with me before she put each item in the cart. She looked for more massage supplies, lotions, baby oil, balsam and stuff. We found a few of the things she wanted, but not all. Then she picked up some ladies’ shampoo, and again asked my permission before placing it in the basket. Then she picked up a couple other ladies’ lotions stuff, and finally two packages of tampons! I grabbed a couple bottles of beer and water. We took the basket to the counter and I paid for it all.

Back upstairs in my room my new “maid” did my laundry and picked up the already tidy room while I read, wrote a bit, and watched TV. She fed me snacks, sat on my lap, continuously picked up the place, rotated the clothes so that they would dry evenly, etc. etc.

That morning when I had talked to Jensen I asked him where to go for dinner. He had suggested we just relax in the room and get room service. I did not think that sounded like much fun, and certainly would be more expensive than eating out. But then I once again remembered how uncomfortable previous girls had been walking around with me, and how sad and ashamed my current girl looked when she talked to the bank lady. I did not want to cause any more grief. So I took Jensen’s suggestion and we ordered room service. She was very happy when I told her we would just stay in the room to eat. She always happily went along with whatever I suggested, but I think this time she really was happy, and maybe relived at not having to go out again. She appeared to be familiar with the menu, and ordered nasi goreng (fried rice, served with one piece of fried chicken and three pieces of sate), and a bowl of chicken vegetable soup. I splurged and got a sirloin steak (about $10), and sphagetti. Less than thirty minutes later, the food arrived on a large cart that opened up to become a dining table. Rita had clearly done this before, and arranged the table so we could sit side by side on the edge of the bed, eat the food, and watch TV. The food was fine, nothing spectacular.

We chatted a bit and hit the sack early. We again had sex, but it was much like the morning session, an easy little fuck and done. The choice was mine. Somehow I did not really feel like having another long drawn out session with her. She just had too many annoying little habits during sex, constant moving around, rolling her eyes, squeezing the wrong thing at the wrong time, etc. etc. And she did not have the natural physical beauty to just lay there and turn me on like Girl Two could.

We slept peacefully, and had yet another forgettable fuck in the morning. I guess we had breakfast, but I cannot remember. Jensen had said he would call around 10am to see how things were going. I had decided to tell Jensen that I did not want this girl for another day even though she had clearly communicated that she wanted to stay with me for my remaining two days. I do not think it was because she liked me as much as she wanted the bookings, liked staying in the hotel, and did not like switching from guy to guy very much. I was pretty sure she would take the news of no further booking with me poorly. So I did not tell her. We just sat around my room waiting for Jensen to call.

When he called I told him and gave the phone to the girl. He told her. The reaction was all too predictable. She made a fuss, cried a little, looked at me like I had just thrown her out the door, said something about the laundry, like I at least owed her another day since she had cleaned everything so nicely and had done my laundry, and perhaps I did. I gave her a sizable tip, about 100,000 I think. At least I think it was sizable. She packed up her things grumbling the entire time, and gave me quizzical looks that asked, “Why? Why? What did I do wrong? How could you be so cruel after all I did for you?”

And she was gone. I did not feel as bad as I thought I would. Her annoying habits were really getting to me, and I knew Jensen would have her fixed up with another booking shortly. I had gotten the impression that she was one of Jensen’s most highly recommended girls.

Sure enough, the next afternoon at Lucy’s I saw her having lunch with another middle aged white guy.


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GIRLS OF BATAM: One Bule's Experience - GIRL FOUR

by asiaphan

Jensen was due to return Saturday at noon. I waited for him in Lucy’s. Noon became 2pm, then 3pm. He finally came in around 3:30pm. He was greeted by a few other guys and it was more like 5:30 before I had a chance to talk to him. I asked him if he could show me around. He said it was late on Saturday and there would be slim pickings. I told him I knew that, and asked if he knew any local “factory” girls who would be interested in practicing their English with an American, and might also be open to a paid sexual encounter back in my hotel. He ignored my question and said he would pick me up at my hotel at 8pm and do his best to fix me up. OK, whatever, at least I would not have to go out and try to do it alone, I was having very poor luck on my own.

Jensen called about 30 minutes after 8pm, I was not surprised that he was late. He asked me to meet him in the lobby. I went downstairs, and he did not arrive for another 15 minutes. He repeated that Saturday night was hard, but that if I would just trust him, he would set me up with a good girl. Sure. He made a call on his cell phone and drove to a place called Horizon. He took me inside, there were two girls. One had pretty big tits and was wearing a tight halter top, she had short hair and was not very cute. The other was cuter, but taller than most other Indo girls, and heavier. That is the one Jensen said he was getting for me. Fine, whatever. Jensen paid the booking fee, and drove us back to the hotel. Her English was not bad, but I am sort of shy meeting new people and we did not talk much. Thankfully, she showered first, and then even asked me if it was OK to turn on the TV. I was impressed. Manners! I let her turn it on, and we hit the sack. She was far more experienced than any of the other girls, including the freelancer of the night before. She was dark skinned, about 10 pounds overweight, with big legs, stretch marks and sagging tits clearly indicating a baby. But her face was very cute, and she had great moves, like the pros in SF I was used to. I asked her if she liked to dance, and she said yes. I could tell. She would have made a terrific stripper in the states. The sexy hip wiggle came very naturally to her.

She was a very aggressive and energetic performer in bed. BBBJ, but condom for intercourse. She was not dry, nor very tight. We ran through the normal assortment of positions and I felt like I was back in SF in a massage parlor, which was not bad at all. She was very professional, active, energetic, and pretty skilled. Too bad she was also very mechanical, only had one speed, high. I finished up, we cleaned up, and headed to Lucy’s for a drink. It was about 10:30pm I guess. Jensen was there and asked me how she was.

I have to digress here for a minute. The expats that hang at Lucy’s have a very mercenary, impersonal and objective attitude about the working girls that bothered me quite a bit. They always asked about her “performance”, and attitude, never asked if I liked her or not. Jensen was the same. I never really got used to it.

I replied to Jensen that I liked her fine. He asked me, right in front of her, how she had performed in bed. I said everything was fine. Jensen seemed satisfied and left us. We had a couple drinks, she seemed to know nearly everybody in the place and spent a lot of time running around hugging and kissing old friends and chatting with them.

Around midnight I told her I was hungry, I had not had dinner. She asked me what I wanted. I did not want more of Lucy’s western pub food, and asked her if she could get some Indonesian food for me. What did I like? I had learned the names of only a few foods, so I told her sate, ayam goreng (fried chicken), and nasi goreng (fried rice). She took me outside and we got in a cab. I was leary of being taken for a high taxi fare, but went along. She and the taxi driver talked, and we were off. The taxi went a few blocks, and entered a parking area where dozens of small road side food stands were set up. Most looked closed for the evening. When we got to the end of the row of stands, my girl yelled out the window to one of the stands. I guess there was a reply, but I could not hear. Then my girl got out of the cab, motioned for me to stay in the cab, walked over to the workers in the stand and talked. She seemed to be pretty aggressive with them, maybe even demanding, gestured with her arms a lot. A few minutes later two guys came out with fans and started to fan the dying charcoal fire. A girl inside started to prepare some food. My girl came back to the taxi and sat close to me and we waited. I was afraid of the price this late night feast would run me, considering we had forced the folks to reopen. The food came wrapped in paper and stuffed in plastic bags. My girl asked for money, about R18,000, or US$2.50, for three bags of food! When we returned to the hotel, she asked me for R5,000, about US 65 cents, and gave it to the driver who accepted it without complaint. He had not driven very far, but had been with us over 30 minutes while we waited for the food. I was starting to like this!

Back in the room, the girl asked if she could use the phone. Once again I was worried about paying for a long call to her Australian boyfriend or something, but to my surprise she only talked a minute. Moments later the doorbell rang. She motioned to me to answer the door, it was housekeeping with two forks and two spoons, which she had ordered on the phone. I was really starting to feel very stupid about doubting this girl, she got me a nice inexpensive dinner from a place that was closed, saved me a couple dollars on taxi, and was making sure everything was fine as we ate.

We finished eating, showered again, and got in bed. She seemed very experienced and into sex, so I got out my bag of toys and tried out my vibrator on her. She knew what it was, and let me use it on her. She once again began her “performance”, stuck in high gear as before. It was not bad, and I started to feel very bad. She was working hard, and was all that I had hoped the previous girls would be. She was not at all self conscious with me, was active in bed, took care of me, seemed quite honest, so why was I not happier with her? I do not know. After taking the dildo vibrator inside her for awhile and going through all the porn video type moaning and groaning, she pulled me on top and inside her, and we went at it again, nearly an instant replay of the previous session. Then we slept.

No shenanigans during the night. We both woke fairly early. I think she was expecting me to initiate another sex session, but I did not and she did not act pleased nor displeased. I don’t remember if I asked her if she wanted breakfast with me or not, but in any event, she dressed and left the room to go back to her place around 8am. She made no attempt to round up the little bottles of shampoo and lotion and stuff in the bathroom. I gave her a small tip, about R(40,000). It was my fifth morning in Batam, and I knew that it was very normal for the girl to let herself out and go back early in the morning. While I never really liked it, I knew it was just Standard Operating Procedure, and not because the girl despised me and could not wait to get away from me. (Am I sounding insecure??? You betcha…..) I waited an appropriate amount of time to make sure she had left the hotel, then went down to breakfast, and had a very leisurely and satisfying breakfast. I saw the Singapore guy I had met that afternoon, who was staying in a room close to mine, and who passed me in the lobby the previous evening when I was waiting for Jensen, with an extremely beautiful girl on his arm. I asked him where the gorgeous girl was, he said still in his room sleeping, and he continued to finish his breakfast, alone.

I sat in the lobby and pretended to drink tea and read the papers, but I was actually waiting to see the working girls as they came down the elevator and left the hotel. I saw about 10 working girls, some hot, some not, walk through the lobby and exit the front doors alone. Only one guy, an older white man, came down with a girl on his arm for breakfast. I was slowly learning the ropes in Batam.


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GIRLS OF BATAM: One Bule's Experience - GIRL THREE

by Anonymous

BDV-623934-BDVI was not real thrilled with either of my two Karaoke all night bookings and the local guide Jensen was still not back from Jakarta. I spent all day Friday alone, reading, relaxing, and taking two short walks around the neighborhood.

Despite the many bad comments about free lancers in Batam on the net, G Man had told me the previous evening that a good time could be had. And their English was generally much better. He motioned at a very slim, good looking freelancer who was sitting next to him in Lucy�s as he was talking. So I decided to spend Friday night bar hopping, hoping to find a free lancer to keep me company for the evening. I also knew that the Sing guys would be coming in and snatching up the better girls, the pickings at the karaoke joints would probably be slim on Friday evening. Slimmer yet on Saturday, but that was still a day away!

I started off at Lucy�s, nothing there. So I went to the new, and very nicely appointed Red Cock. Both Lucy�s and the Red Cock cater to the expat and foreign tourist clientele. There are often Indonesian ladies hanging around both places, and it was not always easy for me to tell if they were free lancing or already involved. (One afternoon the following week I was ogling a very pretty lady with beautiful long hair, a rarity in Batam, who was sitting alone at the bar in Lucy�s. I asked the waitress who she was and found out she was the owner�s wife! Ooops)

At the Red Cock, one very slim lady, barely average in looks, was sitting next to a white guy, and very much looked like she was �with� him. But she started to make big time goo goo eyes with me (heavy eye contact). I discounted it as a tease and finished my beer. Seeing no other possibilities at Red Cock, I followed G Man�s recommendation and took a cab to the street where Napoli Pizza, Ice Bar, and Sugar Bar are all located next to each other. All three turned out to be pubs that again catered mainly to the foreign tourist and expat clientele. I thought Napoli Pizza was just a pizza joint, but it was actually a major pick up joint, just like Ice Bar and Sugar Bar. There were plenty of girls in both places, probably two or three for every guy, a few lookers, and many more unattractive ones. A few had foreign boyfriends and were just there to have a good time. Several unattractive ladies approached me, some were harder to get rid of than others.

Then I noticed the slim girl from Red Cock enter and she walked up to me saying she had followed me from Red Cock. I told her I thought she was involved, she said no. But she was not exactly my type, I was hoping to find a younger more attractive gal. The skinny girl would not go away. I did my best to ignore her. I wondered in and out of all three places, having a beer in each. The skinny girl followed me each time. I was approached by unattractive, older, heavier ladies in each place. I had my eyes on one younger gal, but she seemed very involved in just having a good time with her female friend, playing pool, drinking, talking. I finally walked over and talked to her, asking if she might be available. She said she was! I asked again, saying I thought she was hanging with her girl friend tonight. She said it was her friend, but that she was looking for a booking too. (actually I can�t remember the exact words, but it was clear she was available to come back to my hotel for a fee). Her friend was pretty drunk, and looked to be asleep with her head resting on the table. The girl of my interest told me to wait a bit, and she walked out the door, perhaps to the next door bar, I do not know. I waited a minute. It was getting late, I was getting drunk and hungry. I was in Napolis so ordered a hot sandwich. When it came, the cute girl still had not returned, and the skinny girl was still hanging around and asked for some of my sandwich. Always the gentlemen, I shared it with her. Her English was pretty good, and she seemed very willing, and I guess I mistook her persistence for loyalty? In my drunken state, I decided an old bird in the hand was better than a young chick not yet returned, and I still was having waking nightmares about the young girl I took from Queens Bee. So I took her to my hotel, after first telling her I would pay 200,000. She was not happy with that amount, but agreed. I should have bailed right there.

Before we took a taxi back to the hotel, she asked me to pay for some sate from the street vendor. I did, thinking it would be nice to have a snack back at the hotel and chat and maybe get to know her a bit. We took a taxi to the hotel. She got right down to business, I used the toilet and when I came out she was nude and laying on the bed. I wished she had showered first. Oh well. She was certainly older, with evidence of having a baby, but was still very slim. With nearly no foreplay, she tried to pull me inside her. I had to once again stop her and get the condom on. She renewed her efforts to pull me inside. She was dry, so penetration was not easy. I applied my handy astro glide which helped. But not much was happening for me, very little sensation down there. Probably a combination of too much beer, her barely average looks, and more sex the last three days than I am used to. I laid down on my back and motioned to her to use her hand, which she gladly did. That was much better, and I decided to just finish like that. She was much more experienced than the two previous girls, and knew how to give a good hand job, including some teasing anal play. I had a nice orgasm, and she held on to me for a long time after. She went to clean up in the shower. Then just as quickly as she had undressed, she dressed and made ready to leave. Despite her expertise at hand jobs, I did not feel much for her. In fact I did not really like her very much, and was actually glad she was getting ready to leave. I did not trust her. On her way out, she, like my first girl, gathered up all the little bottles of complimentary shampoo, lotion, comb, razor, soap, etc. in the bathroom, and then tried to take all the food from the mini bar, but I stopped her. She said the cookies were for her child, I said no. I can be so cruel. She grabbed the sate, also saying it was for her child. I let her take that. And she was off. 12:30am. I fastened the security lock and had a nice sleep alone, my only night alone in Batam.(http://nedbatam.com)