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Pacific Girls

A few weeks ago, me and two of my buddies (SexCuore and Deeno Magneto) from Malaysia went on a fact-finding mission to Batam, Indonesia. This is a report on what we have found out.

We drove to Johor Baru from KL (a 3 ½ hour drive under torrential rain) and took the 90-minute ferry ride from Stulang Laut ferry terminal to Batam City Center.
For those who are considering making the same trip, ferry times are 08.40, 11.10, 13.40, 14.30, 17.00, 17.40 and 18.00. Ferry costs MYR 80 for a return ticket (about USD 20). The ferry terminal is located inside the Duty Free Zone and there are plenty of restaurants and duty free shopping is available.

Ferries also operate out of Singapore as well.
Upon arrival at Batam City Center, there are plenty of aggressive taxi touts who are waiting at the gate outside immigration and customs control. Just walk by the first row of the most aggressive and you will find the less expensive taxi drivers standing in the back. Taxi ride to the Nagoya town center costs IDR 25,000 (USD 4).

As this was our first time in Batam, we had opted to stay at the Melia, which was supposed to be the flashiest hotel in town. The cost is SGD 80 per night (USD40). Breakfast was included. However, cheaper options do exist. Goodway, and Planet Holiday are also located centrally and only cost about USD 25-30 a night.

We have visited a number of bars/pubs on our first night. We started out with STEPS. The place has a nice western restaurant upstairs. The food is quite OK with reasonable price. But the downstairs pub gets going after 10 PM when the live music kicks off. (I always find Indonesian bands quite talented.) The monger: girl ratio is around 1:2. But almost all the good ones come attached to the resident expats. But STEPS is a nice place to have a few cold beers.

LUCY’S OAR HOUSE is a centrally located meeting place. The good thing about this place is that resident manager, Marcel (marcel@nedbatam.com) is available to show you around the place and can arrange you whatever you want. He is great. The beers are cold and the bar grub is tasty.

Upstairs of Lucy’s is Batam’s one and only gogo/lap dance joint PP Banana’s. This place is a smaller version of a typical Bangkok joint. Has a small stage and plenty of seats. While we were there, there were 4 girls available (2 were doable). We had a great time while partying there and even danced on stage. I picked up a petite girl there and one of my mates picked up the other. Long time price (until morning) was IDR 300,000 (less than USD40). With the two girls on tow, we continued bar hopping.

Next port of call was JUNGLE. That place was like Jurassic park. It didn’t take long to finish our beers there.

We also visited ICE PUB and STEPS again but didn’t do much besides having beers.

We headed off to PACIFIC disco as our mission was to find a companion for the last alone member of our troika. This place is huge and packed with local talent. Admission fee was IDR 30,000 in lieu of your first drink. The music was techno and a bit too loud which was not so enjoyable. Not to mention, it was damn dark. If you are going to Pacific for hunting purposes, bring a flashlight to see properly the goods on offer. As DM and I already had found what we were looking for (or at least that was what I had thought at that stage-more on that coming), SC went on the prowl while we enjoyed our drinks. He later told me that once he eyed what he liked, he dragged the poor girl out to light in order to make sure before he struck his deal.

Anyway, we all headed home for some winding down with some single malt before retiring to our individual rooms for some well deserved horizontal gymnastics.

However, as soon as my mates disappear, my petite girl (whose name I have forgotten) went bananas. She started scratching my back, my face while I was trying to foreplay. Geez. I am kind of wild but not that much. I decide to take her back after she starts shouting and makes a scene. While I am taking her out, she even hysterically cries out in the lobby and shouts I was trying to kill her. Anyway, I walk her back to Bananas and luckily the manager is there. I complain about her attitude and ask for a refund, which was not entertained. I decide to come back the next day to continue with my request.

Anyway, although the experience was bad, I decided not to spoil my night in Batam. After picking up my wallet from the room safe, I headed straight back to Pacific Disco. This time I went to the bar, which was a bit more light. I made eye contact with another gal and immediately struck a deal for another IDR 300k.

Nothing spectacular about the sex and I fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning about 8, I realize that the girl is gone and the first thing that comes to my mind is “XXX! MY WALLET!”.

Although I am always extra careful about my belongings, I fail to put back my wallet back to the safe after all that hassle in the night for the first time in my life and she empties all my money. Good news is my credit cards are untouched. I can’t explain how lousy I felt that morning.

But luckily, my pal DM was wise enough to bring some extra cash with him and he was kind enough to lend me that.

Well, that is all I have to say about that.

Unless you are a golfer, there is absolutely nothing to do in Batam during daytime except for having massage and waiting for bars to open up.

After walking around the town for an hour or so, we decided to have a massage at SPORTS MASSAGE across from the Harmoni Hotel. 90-minute massage session was IDR 75,000 (USD9). But the problem was, massage girls had no clue what they were doing. Not only I didn’t enjoy the massage but my back ached for the next two days after the girl walked on it with all her extra weight.

After the massage, we decide to check out a fish tank pick-up place called HOLLYWOOD. There were about 25 girls in the fish tank but none was to our taste. So we decided to pass. Price was again IDR 300,000 until next morning.

We had a late lunch at a place called KELAPA GADING. The restaurant is entirely made up of bamboo and rattan. Quite original and the local food were delicious. I especially loved the SOTO AYAM (chicken soup) and deep fried fish.

Later in the afternoon, we decide another fish tank pick up joint called PERMAI massage. This place had about 10 girls available. But the highlight was the Chinese papas an with long hair. He was one of those funny guys who ought to be on his own TV show. My two friends had a blast talking to him. Anyway, I quickly made up my mind and picked up a youngish plumb girl. My two joker friends decide that they will pick girls for one another and guess what they pick the oldest and ugliest of the bunch just to screw each other. Short time cost for an hour was USD 160,000 (USD 20). Although not the prettiest girl I have seen on the island, this girl was the best bonk I had the whole trip.

For dinner, we all had a nice tasty Chinese steamboat. The topic of the evening was weird Chinese dishes. All I can say about some delicacies I have heard for the first time, was that they were not that appetizing.

After dinner, we started off at RED COCK pub again at Nagoya. This place is a clean watering hole for the resident expat crowd. After a couple of drinks, we wanted to see what was available at STEPS. The most striking girl was the singer of the band with a sexy dance routine. There must have been 4 or 5 birthday people there that night. Every other song they were playing was “Happy Birthday to UUUUU”.

After STEPS, we headed out to SPHINX disco at Hotel Seruni. There was no cover charge, which surprised me a bit for a Saturday evening. We went in and ordered our first drinks and soon enough we figured out why there was no cover charge. The bill for 3 scotch was IDR 190k!!!!! Highway robbery. Sphinx like Pacific disco was as dark as it can possibly be. After an hour or so, we decided that the stock available at Pacific was much better and headed off there.

Indeed some of the girls at Pacific were much better looking but they were all taken up by our Singaporean friends who come to Batam every weekend for fun. Just when we were giving up, SC spots his girl from the previous night and introduces us to her mamas an who hooks us up with her girls. Asking price was IDR 500k for the night (due to high demand on weekends by Singaporeans) but negotiated down to IDR 300k.

We went back to the hotel and enjoyed some midnight snacks altogether and parted for our rooms. It turns out my girl was very shy and new to the scene. Let me tell you that the night was not that much pleasant. IMHO, there must be a balance with freshness and experience for optimum fun.

Anyway, next day was our last and after breakfast, we finished the trip off with another 90-minute massage at PAS Massage Center before taking our ferry back to Stulang Laut. The massage was much better compared to Sports Massage Center but still not as good as their Thai counterparts.

The return trip was uneventful and I was knackered by the time we reached back in KL.

Overall, Batam is OK but drinks, and food are not that cheap. The girl quality is not like Bangkok or Jakarta. But getting there is much easier and cheaper from Malaysia or Singapore. Verdict is if you are already living close to Batam, the place is worth paying a visit once a while but for outsiders, going to Bangkok or Jakarta is much more pleasant.


No Limit with Rebecca in e'Groove

Pretty Singer, Rebecca that was great through the "Tanpamu" lyric, again appeared in Batam.

This time the sweetheart Abi Yapto this will coo in e'Groove Pub, Hotel 89, tonight, on Friday (7/3) began to strike 21,30 WIB.

The presence of the girl had the full name Rebecca Soejati Reijman dalan iven featured A Mild Live No Limit With Rebecca as an editorial.This was iven e'Groove the two with A Mild and will become a performance that was special for clubbers in Batam, said Operational eGroove Manager Pub, Richard.

Rebecca that was born in the Netherlands, this February 21 1985 was the second daughter from the couple Robert Jean Lewis and Rinie Soejati.

He was increased and was kept for quite a long time in the Netherlands, completing formal education as far as University of The Hague, Management and Law, The Netherlands.

The girl was bloody the Dutch mixture of her father and Magelang from her mother, admitted to singing initially only as the hobby.

In fact, the talent sang and wrote the song, in fact has been since he was eight years old.
Her father who had the playing hobby music but also the band player, really influenced the style of music and her voice swing.

However, Rebecca only did not believe what available to himself uptil now.
He then sharpened the talent sang him by joining the vowel exercise and studying in the musical school in the Netherlands.

After through the quite long process, finally on the end of 2006, the side 88 musics asked him to co-operate produced an album.

The first album that diterbit by DJ Sumantri under the label 88 musics had 10 songs that often told all about the woman and the love.

This theme was sung out by Rebecca in various musical kinds, like R&B, jazz, pop and rock.
Single that featured Tanpamu to the song as an editorial hits in this album.
Currently Rebecca completes the videoclip both of them that were featuring Sorry "Aku Mencintai Kekasihmu".


Creature Most Sexy in Noname

Welcome party OP Band, a board band from Jakarta in "Noname Cafe", this evening, Saturday ( 1 / 3) special enough
In iven which have coronet ” Creature Most Sexy” this, at the same time by place is seeking of Batam girls which feel the sexy x'self. Later;Then have, competition in sexy election girls of version "Noname Cafe"

Others, attendance of OP Band make the "Noname Cafe" a weeklong forwards ( 1-5 March) will be amused by three band at one blow namely OP Band, The Kings of Band and New Colours Band

Wiwi, Manager of "Noname Cafe" tell, for the place of to look for the being most sexy version Noname, criterion of girls section assessed by owner feel the self confidence. ” Sexy of version "Noname Cafe" not must have to minim. important but self confidence, tubby smart although but remain to be sexy,” she said

Concerning this sexy election girls, frequent Previous "Noname Cafe" conducive to the beautiful models [of] sexy nan from Jakarta. Like, FHM Models and Maxim Magazine. ” This [is] we wish to make the model [by] xself from Batam, what perhaps [do] not fail sexy and beautiful compared to from Jakarta,” word Wiwi
To all winner, N"Noname Cafe" have drawn up the interesting present perhaps.

Concerning attendance of OP of Band or Ocean Pacific, representing band having separate style. They very amusing of Nonameholic. ” OP Band is enough respected, and surely this band have the clock flown high enough to come up in cafe,” she said. In order not to interest, please be direct witness the place ” Being Most Sexy” this evening.