Yes Girl

Nagoya, Entertainment District

Nagoya area was known as evening entertainment district or Batam Nightlife entertainment district. It's nickname is not excessive, as in the area at once so that the center is spread Batam business entertainment venues. Habituate only, this area of "its" variety of entertainment venues. Start pub, night club (night club), where the karaoke, to massage parlors.

Nightclubs, spread throughout the area with Regency Panorama, Goodway and Harmoni Hotel is a gold triangle. Among the hotels is that Lucy's Oarhouse easily found. Lucy's Oarhouse be enough to walk about 100 meters, turn left after the exit from the Panorama Regency.

Beside it, there is PP Banana GOGO. Simply cross the road a bit from that place, there's Rio Rita. Still on the Lucy's Oarhouse, line a number of entertainment venues. Start from the Jungle Bar, Classics, Red Cock, Bistro, Ice Pub and Steps Music Lounge.

Some other places of entertainment is New Place, Bistro, De Java's, Wallaby's, Chili Cafe Hard, The Flame, and Last Pub. All places of entertainment and is located close enough to be reached only on foot. Lovers of nightlife, also find Karoake memory that is located opposite the Melia Panorama.

There is also a Karaoke Hawaii is in addition to Harmoni. No need to worry if tired to enjoy the entertainment. Available kinds of party where massage (massage), which can be used as a place to spoil yourself. One of the famous Queen is in the Nagoya 8933 Massage. There are also Blue Moon, located in the back of Harmoni Hotel. For nightlife lovers, please select the appropriate taste.

Hospitality at Nite D'Brix Pub

For lovers of entertainment, Hospitality Nite D'Brix in the Pub, Hotel Grand Majesty, Jodoh, Sunday (26 / 7) could be options. Hospitality Nite held management and employees of the pub in Batam. In this event, the pub staff can interact each other, exchange ideas, and a familiarity with the other employees of the pub.

"We want the pub employee confidence and pride to work in a pub," said Aswi, Manager D'Brix Pub.

According to him, hospitality nite this routine is held in Jakarta. , Batam will new start now. "For the first will be held in the D'Brix Pub. Next will be performed in turns to other pubs. The event will be held two months, "he said at a press meeting which was also attended by The Peak Consultants Norman Farr, Nani's Club One, and the Class Mild.

In the event that was attended by 11 of the group band, dimeriahkan akan's three famous DJ, the DJ yudis, DJ Vanda, and DJ Arie. They will play with.

Wow...DJ Noname Jessica in Noname

As the young pop singer, vidi Aldino, LA Light Your Party, Party in My Noname Cafe, Thursday (30 / 7) future, as well as the disc jockey (DJ) the girl Jessica. Attendance is the first time this will scandalize Nonameholic.

Although just beginning his career in the DJ world in 2008, the girl with beautiful make up berparas This modis has enough hours to fly high. One of the proud had enough experience manggung in Malaysia, precisely in Kuching, Ipoh, and Kuala Lumpur. Some of the famous club in the country's neighbor had disambanginya the Zouk, Sultan in Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Centro, Aristo, Heritage Mansion, Boiler Room, Barbeza, Crown Square, and a number of events is still open. almost clubbers in big cities to enjoy the dish was music.

In Jakarta, Jessica was playing at X2, Embassy, Blowfish, Centro, Wonderbar, Public, and Musro. In Bandung, a Mansion, Embassy, and Amnesia. Yoyakarta ie Boshe and Liquid. In Bali, Dejavu, Blowfish, Double Six (66), Wildcatz, MyRoom, Blue Eyes, and Hard Rock. White women also had show in Palembang, Jakarta, Makassar, and Medan. Wiwi, Noname Cafe manager, said Jessica has a DJ playing songs characteristic of the spirit is high. "He combines progressive elements with dance music lovers. This is the sound of music enjoyed very good, "Wiwi said.