Batam Ladies Picture (II)

Paradise City Party

GREETING year commutation, City Cafe in Batam Centre perform the event which whew। Start from appearance of sexy models, concert 3 Goddess of Cabaret Goddess, parody Extravaganza till DJ which will invite the visitor to follow to to wiggle।

All that tidy in event of Paradise City Party of tonight ( 31 / 12) strarting at 09.00 PM till early morning.

Finishing year-end and greet to come the nya [of] new year inCity Cafe, ascertained will get the entertainment amusement with the different atmosphere.

” Pass The Paradise Ciy Party, we will give a talk on something impressively respect likely basin of world heaven,” word Tesa, EO of Event of Paradise City Party in City Cafe yesterday".

What is special also, this event will be brought by cutie, Sakira from Jakarta. Later, Sakira also will come up to amuse all visitor of City Cafe.

D’Box Toned Up By Expose Dancer

Night of year Commutation in Diskotek D’Box toned up with a number of event। One of them is appearance from Expose Dancer of origin Jakarta.

Believed the, action from this dancer will make the boy chest felt to palpitate. Because appearance six the sexy girl will conduct three super dance type hot.

Besides dancer, manejemen D’Boz also have prepared various event like live band, masquerade and trompet, and also appearance DJ.

Event of year Expectation started from at 09.00 PM till finish. Theme carried [by] management in the form of Super Model the Dancer
” We wish that night give the separate impression for visitor D’Box,” say the Ulya from management D’Box.

Unrightious management also prepare the special denan event frieze like ala of appreciation night. Red Karpet unfolding will greet the incoming guest
” We have prepared 25 desk VIP for the guest of. D’Box can accomodate more than 1.000 visitor night of year commutation,” say the Ulya again.

GG Club ” New Year Party

TO celebrate the year commutation 2007 to year 2008, GG of club Officer cooperate by A Mild Live perform the event of New Year Eve Party by presenting event which very attractive of course for people and all devoted cutomer of GG Club specially.

According To Zumrowi, Manager of GG Club, event treat in the form of live band presenting The Brug of Band of origin Yogyakarta and supported by old stuff duo DJ to all clubbers.

This will become the entertainment amusement draw in order to past of this year commutation night which exclaim.


Batam Ladies Picture

My Batam Trip

SPORE TO BATAM: Got to Spore in early pm and took a taxi to the WTC. Penguin ferry to BATU AMPARE and arrived around 6:00PM. Tried to get into Hotel Formosa but no luck, went to Penguin Hotel on edge of city. Lotsa fun in the food court in the rear of the hotel, but no pussy action.

Thought about trying to score with the beer girl but was too tired. Next day: Check in at Hotel Formosa (weekend pussy hounds go home). What a great day! Got a great message for 2 hours at about 10 bucks USD. No sex, just a great message. All this from the in house masseuse. Afterwards went up to the fish bowl on the 4th floor for pussy.

Checked out an ok chik for 60,000 Rp short-time. OK, but no BJ and just a straight ****. Chik wanted to watch TV so we bonked and I kicked her out. Later that nite went to ALISAN (also on the 4th floo) to the Karaoke joint and did another short time gig in the room. OK, but the chik chain smoked and wanted to watch tv..........Next day: Check in to the Melia. Wanted to try the best joint in town ($75S). Not a bad room (secure safety deposit) and nice digs..

Had a room that looked out toward MEMORY karaoke. Off to MEMORY to check out the merchandise. Place sucked. Smokey and too few chiks (maybe too early). Decided to walk to Queens and Dynasty (back near Formosa). Very smoky but lots of chiks, some good looking. Mr. Happy did get hard so I passed. Walked around Nagoya and over to Hotel Mandarin and the pubs in back.... Nothing doing (too early) so I got another message nearby. This joint in back of Hotel Mandarin. Ok, but this time the chik wanted a 20,000 Rp tip. I told her to **** off and gave her 50,000Rp. Later that nite I went to CROWN Karaoke.......Jackpot!!!

Found a sweet lady (spoke some English) and we joked around for about one half hour. Teased her about taking some of the younger stuff (she was about 25) and she proceeds to tell me about the chiks and wants to know if I want her to introduce me..... Finally, I quit ****ing with her and said lets go.... Great move! Bonk, bonk, bonk,..... this lady wouldn't quit. Early in the morning she got me inside without a condom until I freaked. I told her to stop that **** but she would do anything.

Next day she wanted to stay the whole day and next nite. I thought about staying another day but needed to get back to San Francisco.... What a **** up, should have stayed and bonked her again for another 24 hours...... Hey dudes, you guys fortunate enough to get that Batam pussy are in paradise. Much cheaper than most anywhere else in the world and with very good service, compared to elsewhere....... Next trip: Bintan and Karimun....... Ciao.....(by Peter माँ)


There're as much as 6 or 7 ferry terminals in Batam but the 2 that will lead you to the action is Batu Ampar and Sekupang. Ferries depart daily from World Trade Centre and journey takes about 45-60min for both. Most prefer B.Ampar because of shorter traveling time ( 5-8min ) to Nagoya town where all the action are compare to Sekupang ( 20-25min to town ). But if you just miss the ferry & don't want to wait another hour or want a less
crowded ferry & terminal, you can take the one leaving for Sekupang about 20-30min later.

At WTC u can purchase a 2 ways ticket inclusive of seaport tax btw $20 - $26 just half an hour before departure, give yourself an hour if you're looking for a hotel/ferry package provided by the many tour agency here. Dino & Penguin are the prefer ferry operator here, we each bought a Penguin ticket($26) for the 11:15am ferry, later found there is another counter selling at $23, don’t know why.

Schedule of Penguin Ferry
SG to B.Ampar ( sg time )
0735/0850/0930/1015/1115/1250/1350/1450/1555/1655/1745/1825/1850/1925/ 2000/2045/2130

B.Ampar to SG ( Batam time ; sg:11:15am = btm:10:15am )
0650/0740/0910/1045/1140/1240/1345/1420/1545/1615/1710/1750/1840/1910/ 2010/2050/2130


here're some reasonable ferry/hotel package provide by Penguin:
Novotel / Harmoni - $98
Melia / Mandarin - $95
Royal / Oasis - $85
extension nite : $50-$65
Ask for a few dollars discount if you don't intend to use their bus for pier to hotel transportation.

These are usually available even at last min on a busy Sat, becus most people will not opt for 4-5 stars hotel. I've tried melia, cool! But 1 plate of nasi goreng cost Rp35K !!!

Here're some 3 stars hotel info provided on courtesy of Bionic :

Singa : 0778 - 451919 ( $35 - $40 )
2000 : 0778 - 428483 ( $36 - $48 )
Rashinta : 0778-455888 ( $40 - $50 )

hotel rates are usually cheaper in weekday.

I choose Singa for this trip to cut some cost since we're letting the driver get some commission off our gals, but it surprise me as a pretty decent hotel, swimming pool, bathtub, fridge, big room with a blockbuster movie channel round the clock and a Jap AV channel. I rate it slightly better than our usual Hotel Pelangi at TP. It's better to
book a hotel in advance for weekend if you don't want to pay for a 4-5 stars hotel otherwise in weekday u can always walk in, lots of hotels & rooms, no problem at all.


I choose to use a driver this time because there're 3 of us plus gals total 6, so don't think we want be taking those 4 seater taxis that stink! furthermore we intend to check out a few places, so wanting to skip the usual "taxi ride to nearby hotel, go in take a pee & wait for taxi driver to disappear" stuff. Bionic recommend Osman (hp: 08127005498 ), a Malay chap that speak good English ! Overall we find his service good, his hand-phone always on to standby for us to call him should we run into any trouble, and he is very punctual! We arrive at B.Ampar around 11:15am Indo time and spotted him rite away, how smart for him to put on a bright red shirt holding a banner with my name written clearly on it.

For first timer or people who are not familiar with Batam, I strongly suggest u took one recommend by a friend, not just anyone from the arrival hall. If you're in a group, better still since you're giving him more commission to earn, just gave him anything and he will also accept. For my practice, how much you tip him depends on how much we use him & how much commission we let him earn. If just pier-gal-hotel, hotel-pier, he will also accept nothing for a group of 4 will already earn him 200K in gals' commission. But if you had him stay with you late into the night for disco/pubbing, be a bit generous lah. Be warned that some driver will also get commission from the money changer, restaurant, pub etc he bring you too.

I find most people choose not to use one, I respect their decision. Everyone spend their time there differently, so long you know how to get around safely, do what pleases you most. We're glad to have one this time as it rain heavily while we hop from joint to joint looking for our gals.


Those 4-5 stars hotel cum ferry package usually provide free pick-up from pier with bus. If you don't like to share a vehicle with others, ask them to send a driver to pick u up. They are usually in uniform and can be easily recognized, they will also not pester you to pick a gal or go anywhere u don't want to. But the hotel will charge you about Rp20K
for pick-up at B.Ampar & Rp30K for Sekupang. There will be a lot of driver trying to pick you up outside the arrival hall, advice is don't choose from these, chances are you'll be press to choose a gal from joint that pay them higher commission or get rob. Walk outside & took a taxi to your hotel if you must. Be warn that some 3 stars or below hotel
do not have their vehicle & so might just ask a taxi off the street to pick you up.

The lau-jiao will usually book a hotel close to their favorite joint, so that after checking into the hotel, they can just walk to the joint to pick up a gal at Rp50K price lower. Or take a taxi to a nearby hotel close to the joint then walk in after the taxi disappear. I've done these too but if you're in the mood to go hunting from joint to joint, I'll either take a personal driver or one provided by the hotel.

Getting around is pretty easy if u don't have a personal driver. Taxis are available everywhere, walk out of the hotel & you can flag down one anytime. Travel anywhere within the town & to B.Ampar pier should cost you no more than Rp10K, ask the price first. You can also try bargaining hard to pay 5K if this is your cup of tea.


We check into the hotel first then went for lunch since most joint only open after 11/12noon indo time. We also do some shopping for necessities like condom/drinks/ciggi before we start our hunt at around 1pm. Here's the joint we checked out:

1) Sensasi ( I picked my gal #63 for Rp270K, saw a few chio one around but were all reserve, also saw a young pretty Chinese look-a-like that I might want to try on next trip, #20 and same price, mamasan said only arrive 4 days ago so dunno service good anot )
2) Legenda ( very dark , difficult to choose gal )
3 ) Crown ( horny-man pick his gal here at Rp260K )
4 ) Bovo ( classy place but ave gal is only so-so looking, the price here all **** up, good looker goin for Rp360, one PR going for 800K, **** gold better )
5 ) Titanic ( GreyK finally picked his gal #169 for Rp250K here )

we actually took 2 hours for gals sight-seeing, no real stunner encounter, maybe next trip we should start like this : Orkid, Queen, Dynasty, Alisan . Most joint are equip with KTV facility so u can actually ask a gal to sit with ya, tok cock, sing a song before u decide
to book her but drinks are not cheap. Typical price for a gal's booking range from Rp250K - Rp280K (with commission).


The Nagoya downtown area is very compact, if I stay in an hotel there, usually I'll walk out of the hotel to get cheap food/drinks/snacks etc. Lots of local eating place around, just avoid side alley & be streetwise. A few eating place popular with Singaporean are:

A1 , Oki , Oke : like our newton circle hawker centre, I like it here. A meal of fish,prawn,veggi and tahu for 7 person cost only Rp145K plus another Rp50K for drinks.
Golden Prawn : a live seafood restaurant by the river, Kelong style.
Batam Kuring : Indonesian restaurant, cheap!

Over dinner at A1, we discuss what to do next, the gal as usual suggest going to disco like Planet / Ozone to pop some pills. But we're all thinking of arranging for a short time for tomorrow morning before we went back, later give up the idea as most gals will only be back quite late so too rush. Finally we went to Sensasi KTV as recommend by my gal,
there’re some singer there to kept you entertain until later at night where a fat guy & a sexy gal put up a dance show, stuff 10K into an Ang-Pao & flash it, the gal will come & lap you up before you slide it into her crotch. Total bill for the KTV session come up to Rp270K.


There're ticket counters inside B. Ampar & Sekupang ferry terminals so you can always confirm at last min, just be there 30min before departure, there's a ferry leaving almost every hour. Your return ticket should be able to last 30 days and is usable at both B.Ampar & Sekupang (some said Waterfront city also can). I prefer to go to Sekupang if I'm coming back on Sunday to avoid the weekend crowd at B. Ampar, Rp15K is
enough for you to take a taxi from town to Sekupang.


There’re many variable cost here, it all depends on how you want to spend your money, like other Riau islands, $200 should be enough for most. The cheaper (nearer) ferry ticket will offset the more expensive gals, other spending is the same, you want comfort, u pay more. Batam is not more expensive than other Riau islands, but got more places to spend your money.

here's my spending for this trip with exchange rate at $1 = Rp5K :

ferry : $26 ( penguin )
hotel : $35 ( weekday rate at singa )
gal : $54 + $20 ( Rp270K + Rp100K tips with driver commission )
lunch : $ 4 ( Rp20K - bah kue teh at coffee shop )
snack : $10 ( Rp50K - room service in hotel )
dinner: $14 ( Rp70K - seafood at A1 )
KTV : $20 ( Rp90K + Rp10K tips )
super : $ 5 ( Rp25K - room service in hotel )
driver: $14 ( Rp70K - tips )
ciggi : $ 4 ( Rp20K for 4 packs of luckies )
condom: $ 4 ( Rp20K for a pack of 12s )
drinks: $ 4 ( Rp20K - bought in supermarket )

TOTAL : $214


The Society's Scapegoat?

Just months ago, I engaged myself in a discussion at one forum particularly designed for Indonesian clubbers networking, and there’s a particular term that resounded over and over again: ‘educate the crowds’. Apparently, some DJs and clubbers are a bit annoyed with how the crowds in clubs are coming to be. The current crowds seemed to have used the club and dance scene as a justification for sexual harassments, overly drug abuse, or ‘pick-up’ spots for illegal transactions of all sorts. Well, that’s nothing new. Still, this discomfort deserves to be taken seriously as one special urban discourse.

Rave and clubbing culture in Indonesian began as underground club culture, taken place at smaller clubs in Jakarta around year 1996, followed by series of warehouse rave parties. On year 2002, Indonesian ravers marks the new era of outdoor and beach raves -- proudly having Cream, Gatecrasher, Godskitchen, and Heineken Thirst as their patrons. The local musical festives also produced yearly rave events, such as Jakarta Movement, Lost Chapter, Aquasonic, etc. Then the numbers of clubs, party organizers, DJ managements, and electronic dance music lovers increased drastically around year 2000 until this very second. Music genres -- mixed or played live -- consisted of trance, progressive, electro, house, tribal, drum n bass, new wave, and other roots subgenres with similar 'rave ambiance' -- of course with a BPM (beat per minute) limit.

For the last years, many international DJs, producers, and musicians had performed in various massive events in Indonesia, such as Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Prodigy, Sasha, Marco V, Jazzy Jeff, BT, Randy Katana, Sander Van Doorn, John Digweed, Solarstone, Junkie XL, King Unique, Christopher Lawrence, Gareth Emery, Andy Moor, and more names are keep adding up to the list. In addition, when it comes for international DJ performances, Indonesian young ravers are known as one of the most enthusiastic crowds in the world.(http://www.urbannite.net)


The Sake of Satisfactory Clubber Batam

THE Peak had an opportunity to not operate for two months because of carrying out of the place whole, currently were present with nuances being more elegant and the executive.
Just this was carried out for the sake of satisfactory clubber Batam।

The supervisor The Peak Pub Gandy Marsaid said, The Peak Pub that now is different far with the long concept।
Moreover, during soft opening on Friday (21/12) then, The Peak Pub also served performance the band OnePiece from Bandung, as well as the drink cocktail newest racikan typical The Peak to 150 guests who came।

Cocktail this consisted of 10 drink mixtures.
That night, all the guest who came to be seen really enjoyed the new atmosphere of this pub.
From that in the room, to that was in gazibu।

His appearance was drugged by the musical wave live that brought newest lyrics Indonesian music and west।

Moreover since soft opening until before grand opening this coming January 2008, The Peak Pub gave the discount 30 percent each bottle of the drink that was opened.


GIRLS OF BATAM: One Bule's Experience - GIRL EIGHT

by asiaphan http://nedbatam.com

I waited about fifteen minutes to give the Maxim girl time to get out of the hotel. Then I changed my clothes and took a taxi to Sensasi for what I hoped would be my long anticipated short time with an Indonesian stunner. I entered and met the manager from the previous night, man he must work long hours. I looked in the fish bowl and saw about the same number and quality of girls I had seen the night before. I asked the manager where the really pretty girls were. He said he had been waiting for me since 11am, and that the best girls were already gone��yea, right. Ok. I noticed that there were many girls still primping and not even ready to enter the fish tank. I figured the guy was just giving me a line, that�s OK, he still seemed like a nice guy.

I gave up on trying to find a stunner, and decided to just go with the one that seemed the cutest to me. I picked a fairly attractive girl, young with long straight hair past her shoulders, the only girl of my entire stay that had long hair (a disappointment to me as I adore long hair). I paid 140,000 for short time, the manger gave the girl a piece of paper and a condom, good. I followed the girl out the door and to a run down hotel around the back of Sensasi, it said hotel 99 on the door. She showed the front desk her piece of paper, got a key, and we went upstairs accompanied by the hoots, hollers and whistles of the grungy Indo men laying around the tiny lobby like the garbage outside laid on the ground. (hey, do you get the idea that I did not like the Indo men who lounged around all day and hooted at my girls?)

The room was similar to the one at Dynasty 99. No window, air con that did not work, small bed with dirty covers, and this time no towels. Not that I was about to enter the toilet/shower room with it�s one all-purpose bucket of water and one all-purpose drain. The girl was prettier than the one the guide had picked out for me at Dynasty99, had no trouble going with bule me, and I felt I was pretty much done needing a guide in Batam.

The sex was no better than with the Dynasty girl. Since I had just cum an hour earlier and was having way more sex in the last week than I was accustomed to, I was not nearly as �potent� as I wanted to be. Penetration was hard as her pussy was dry and my dick was not real stiff. I finally did get it in, but it was a struggle, and sex is no fun when struggling. I finally rolled over and asked her for a hand job, to which she gladly agreed, and started yanking away like she had done it a hundred times before, and maybe she had. Ordinarily her technique would have been too fast and too rough for my tastes, but in my depleted state it was fine. I removed the condom and she had no problem with that. I applied the lube I brought and she had no problem with that either. This girl was pretty nice, and pretty cute, although not a true stunner. She was definitely the prettiest girl I had in Batam. She kept cranking away up to and through my orgasm. I finally stopped her when it got too sensitive and she seemed a bit surprised. She did not even know I had cum, not totally surprising as it was very nearly a dry heave on my part. Not the greatest experience, but I like a good hand job, and I had fulfilled my goal of at least getting a pretty good looking girl. I gave her a small tip, thought that she might have been pretty good for all night, but guess what?

I repeated that short one hundred walk across the obstacle course and went directly to Maxims.


Indonesian Girls

Indonesia is a large country consisting of thousands of islands and
spanning thousands of miles. The women there tend to be friendly,
and very pretty (most closely resembling Filipino women). After 4
trips to Indonesia and numerous encounters with the women, here are
my observations and recommendations (note:all prices are in U.S. $
unless otherwise stated):

JAVA: This is the main island in Indonesia and also the most
populated. People here tend to be very poor and as a result many
women opt for prostitution to support their families. Prices and
availablility of women vary greatly throughout Java with the highest
costs being in Jakarta. A far cheaper area is in and around the city
of Surabaya on the south-east coast, and not far from Bali. In
Surabaya itself there is an excellent selection of girls of all ages
at generally reasonable prices. You need to hire a driver from your
hotel to take you to the local red light district and be your
guide/interpreter/negotiator (this will cost you about $3 to $5 an
hour). The district doesn't really get active until after 7:00 PM
and it consists of about 4 or 5 blocks of small bars and houses along
a narrow dimly lit street (not a place to go without a local guide!).

Each of the many bars or houses in this area is home to between 10
to 30 girls. You walk into any place, look the girls over (they are
usually seated on benches), and if you don't find what you want you
walk next door to the next place. Finding a good looking girl is no
problem since most are young and fresh looking (average age is
probably 20). You should let your guide know if you want a girl who
will give head, otherwise you will probably get only straight sex.
The prices are highly negotiable and the first price quoted will
often be high. Be prepared to walk out and look at more places if
the price is too high. Price for a short-time is usually $20-$25,
and a girl for all night is $60 to $90. The local hotels have no
problem with customers bringing women to their rooms.

Near Surabaya is the town of Tretes. This is a beautiful place
high in the mountains where it is scenic and cool. In Tretes there
is a subdivision set off from the road where you have to pass a guard
at a toll booth. You pay 500 Rupiah (about 24 cents, U.S.) and he
raises a gate to let your car pass. Inside this area are about 40 or
50 establishments much like the ones in Surabaya, but here the prices
are lower. Short time is $10 to $15 and all night is $40 to $70.

In the Surabaya area there are women from the nearby island of
Madura. You might want to ask for one of these since they are famous
throughout Indonesia for practicing a type of sexual massage. This
massage is given to your penis with their vagina muscles and it is
like they have a little milking machine up inside their pussy.
Damndest thing I ever felt!

A popular city for tourists in Java is Yogokarta. However, the place
is a disappointment when it comes to women - especially after
experiencing Surabaya. Prices are high ($40 for a short time) and
there are only 2 or three small brothels in town. Hotel drivers can
take you there. There are no massage parlours for tourists that I
could find. Many hotels won't allow you to bring girls to your room,
so all-nighters are difficult.

An even bigger disappointment is the capital city of Jakarta. The
prices there are ridiculous ($100 or more for a short time at the 3
brothels I visited). There are many freelancers working the bars and
discos (Jakarta has a very lively nightlife) in areas such as Blok M,
and these are much cheaper. However, keep in mind that the crime
rate in Jakarta is very high, so watch your wallet and be very
careful of who you go with and where. Most good hotels in Jakarta
won't allow you to bring a girl to your room because of problems with
theft. In all, your best bet in Jakarta is to catch the first plane
headed to Surabaya. Even with the air fare ($150 one way) you will
come out ahead after 2 or 3 days and you won't have to worry about
getting robbed.

North of Java is Sumatra and a large group of Indonesian islands
called the Riau Islands. Two of these islands, Batam and Bintan, are
located just south of Singapore. Anyone going to Singapore can
easily visit these islands by catching the ferry from the World Trade
Center in Singapore. RT to Batam is $17 and RT to the town of T.G.
Pinang on Bintan is $57.

On Batam there are many clubs that cater to visitors from
Singapore. Club 88, club 77, and Golder Star are a few. Each is
filled with 30 to 60 girls that can be had for 50 Singapore Dollars
($35 U.S.) for a short time, or 100 Sing. Dollars for all night.
Prices at the different clubs are all about the same and they won't
negotiate. The quality of the women at these clubs are fair to good -
average age maybe 20 or 21. Hotels on Batam are much cheaper than
on Singapore - you can find decent lodging for you and your girl for
about $40 - $50 a night.

The trip to T.G. Pinang on Bintan costs more and takes longer (3
hours), but you might make it up in lower hotel rates ($30 is
average). There are several brothels within and near T.G. Pinang
with fair selections of girls. Again, you must have a driver to take
you there and be your interpreter. This is no problem since as soon
as you step off of the ferry you will be approached by drivers. You
MUST get your driver from the ferry landing area since most hotels do
not have drivers. One place of special interest to see is called
'24' since it is located 24 kilometers from town. This is a small
village where between 500 to 1000 girls live. Each of the many small
buildings in this area has between 15 to 30 girls, and in the late
afternoon many come out and sit on the front porches so that you can
drive or walk up and down the streets and look them over. Prices are
$10 to $20 for a short time and $40 to 65 for all night (you must
bargain). The girls don't like short-times - they want you to 'book'
them for all night. The quality here is uneven - the better lookers
probably end up in Batam or closer to town. This should be no
problem with so many to choose from. Be advised that these girls are
not 'pros'. They, like most prostitutes in Indonesia, are young
women from rural areas in Java or elsewhere who are trying to make
some money to support their families back home. You shouldn't expect
too much in the way of performance from these girls since many are
shy, speak no English, and in some cases have had limited prior
sexual experiences.

Finally, be advised that girls coming from most brothels in
Indonesia come with a 'money back guarantee'. If the customer
complains about a girl not performing, skipping out, or any other
legitimate complaint then he will usually be refunded his money.
However, you should never complain unless the girl really deserves it
because the brothel owner will then fine the girl something like $300

Day-Trip Dummy's Guide to Batam

1 Day Crash Course in Batam:
Leave Singapore in the morning from WTC. Ferries are on an hourly basis. No problem in booking one. Take Penguin and book for Batu Ampar. There is also Sekupang, did not go there yet. Ferry,faster.Usual cost for ferry plus return S$26.Journey takes 45min. Check in latest 15min b4 departure.

Clear custom and pick a taxi. Go out and zoom to one, pretend u know him n get away from the crowd as soon as possible if u r entirely new to the scene and have no contacts or whatsoever.

1. Negotiate price of taxi, that is, to bring u to a hotel,getting a girl and fetching u back to the ferry. Usually S$20-30 is sufficient. Do not pay first until your whole fun is over.Pay when going back.Tell him when to pick u up.

2. Get him to bring u to where to change money. Usually Matahari shopping centre is ok. Roughly going rate should be S$1 to 5000rp. The rest u can work it out.

3. Since spending only a day there, go get a girl.Going rate is about 280,000rp (S$50 roughly).

4. Ask taxi to bring u to hotel, cheap n good. Rate about S$30-50.At reception as to book ferry if possible, if not at ferry too can. Hotel can pay by VISA or cash.
5. Optional, can buy food along the way or can't tahan order in hotel, via room service. Cost about S$8-15. Tip: buy condoms from Singapore. At WTC got Watson's. If u want to drink ,buy at the duty free shop after checking in.

6. So in hotel by 12 n the fun starts. Dun waste time, whack as many times as u can till late evening. On average, about 3-5 times of ejaculating should be sufficient.

7. Check out and go back. Last ferry, I think is about 8 pm our time. Remember, if our time is 10am, theirs would be 9am. U must be clear on that. Can cause confusion if unsure.

So there u go for a day's trip. Total cost: S$150 is very comfortable. Its a no frills fun but worth the number of times u can have sex. It works out to about $30 per shot if can cum 5 times in a day.

My fren n I left for Batam to cheong. Our contacts were from Geylang. they left after finishing their tour of duty here. Contacted them and asked to me us there. So everything was set.

Met them n off to hotel. It was lunch time alredi so I had to do my first shot.Took a bath and she too. On the bed started frenching like long lost lovers. My hands were all over her perky breasts n moved to her soft trimmed pussy. She started bbbj me. She was good at it n reminded me of those in geylang cat150. It was good suction power with tongue swirling around. Licking up n down my shaft n down to my balls. She was bbbj me for about 10 minutes n i had to tell her stop! Then we french again n it was my turn to work on her. I went down between her legs n did my tounge-fu on her. Boy was she wet. Put 2 fingers in n continued licking her pussy. Can see that she buay tahan alredi. So rammed my shaft in. I was humping fast n furious. about half hour later, cummed n exhausted for a while. Washed up n ordered lunch. After that, drank a couple of beers n didi was standing again. She laughed n went down on it again. She continued doing her bbbj n it was my turn to **** her in doggie. Her ass was soft and rounded.
Spread her legs wider for better penetration. This time lasted longer than usual. Switched to her riding on me. Then lifted her to chair n spread her legs open again wide for again better penetration. Stopped for a while n used finger to rub her pussy. She was high alredi. Rubbed n rubbed until she cummed. Started back on doggie n finish off tired.

So round 2 over. Evewning alredi, left for dinner with friend. Her girl left him. So we had to find a replacement. After dinner, prowled the karaoke joints for a suitable candidiate. Found one that looked like an office girl but was having her period. Fren disappointed. Finally got one, look wild n proved a good deal as my fren told me the next morning. As for me, wished could change other gal but dun feel good about dropping my contact as she has been very accommodating to me. So we did karaoke n got even more drunk. Back to hotel for round 3 b4 sleep n somewhere in the middle of the night round 4.
Morning wanted one more time but cock was sore alredi. Cumming again like agony after round 4.

Good thing is that this woman is very good n i enjoyed my experience with her. In future, can get her to recommend other gers, she dun mind one. So if stay longer n can wait for gers to knock off from work, can approach to spend the nite with u.In fact nearly any gers are ****able, even the receptionist at the hotel, or the salesgirl at the shopping centre, or those just walking pass u. Even the gers that open the tiger bottles r availble. But the difference is the price. Expect to pay more.

The girl I had , I paid her a little more for her hospitalibilty। I paid her above market rate but It was worth it. I still have her contact n can get her there anytime to spend time with me. But I have other plans, targetting those working gers, discotheques n others. (www.nedbatam.com)


Komp Sagulung Mas Indah Permai
Phone : +62778391 078

Komp Glass Center No 14
Phone : +62778427 744

Mandarin Regency Hotel
Phone : +62778426 888

Komp Penuin center Blok B/14
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Komp Nayoga Centre No 21
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Jl Imam Bonjol, Hotel Harmoni
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Hotel Bukit Mutiara Bolai Indah
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Batam View Beach Resort Nongsa
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Jl Sriwijaya Pelita
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Komp Betama Jaya Blok A/5
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Komp Lukcy Permai no 43
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Marina waterfornt City Shophouse
No 134
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Komp Business Centre Blok I/32
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Komp Nayoga Garden Blok D/6
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Hotel Bumi Nusantara Bolai Indah
Phone : +62778424 444

Ozon Discotheque
Jl Gunung Bromo Baloi Indah
Phone : +62778426 350

Planet Ozon Discotheque
Jl. Raja Ali Haji
Phone : +62778421 595

Hotel Seruni
Phone : +62778426 350


Komp Bumi Ayu Lestari
Blok F/45
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Komp Sri Jaya Abadi B/1 No.11
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Permosa Hotel
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Holiday Hotel
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Puri Garden Hotel
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BO-VO KTV Nite Club
Komp Tg Pantun Blok D/5
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Komp Mercu Lautan Indah
Blok E/4
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Dinasty 99
Komp Cipta Utam No 8
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Dinasty International
Komp Wira Mustika Blok E/4
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Eka Putra
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Five O
Harmoni Hotel
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Grand Oscar
Komp Nayoga Squuare A/51
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Harmoni Hotel Blok F/7
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Winsor Central Blok D/5
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Holly Sentosa
Sentosa Hotel
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Horizona Karaoke
Horizona Hotel
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Mandarin Regency Hotel
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Jl Sriwijaya, Pelita
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New Mega
Komp Singrila, Sekupang
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Sahid Reshinta Hotel
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Orchid Hotel Singa
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Jaya Holiday Hotel Jodoh
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Hotel Pelita
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Queen Bee's
Komp Lucky Permai
No 51-52
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Rio Rita
Komp Bumi Indah Blok 1/47
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Terminal 2000
Komp JKP Blok B/26 Nayoga
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Rose Garden
Kolektra Hotel
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Bumi Nusantara Hotel
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Komp Wisata Hotel No 2
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Royal Eastrn Hotel
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Oasis Hotel
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Tampico Karaoke
Navotel Hotel
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Top Ten
Hill Top Hotel
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Bahari Hotel
Bali Hotel
Batam View Beach Resort
Bumi Nusantara Hotel
Bukit Nagoya Hotel
Batu Ampar Lin

Djudju Hotel

Furama Hotel
Formosa Hotel

Gita Wisata Hotel
Grant Nagoya Hotel
Gloris Hotel
Grand Majesty Hotel

Horizona Hotel
Holiday Hotel
Hotel 81 मुस्तिका
Harmoni Hotel
Harris Resort
Hotel Grand Mutiara
Hotel Makmur Raya
Holiday Inn Hotel
Hill Top Hotel
Hallo Batam Hotel
Hotel 99
Hotel 88
Hotel 89
Hotel 888
Hotel 2000

Indonesia Daun Hotel
Indo Pasifik Hotel

KTM Resort
Kando Hotel
Kolekta Hotel

Limindo Pasifik Hotel

Mercure Hotel
Merlin Hotel
Mega Hotel
Mandarin Regency Hotel
Melia Panorama Hotel
Minang Jaya Hotel

Nongsa Point Marina Hotel
Novotel Batam Hotel
Nagoya Plasa Hotel
Nan Tonggu View Hotel

Oasis Hotel
Panorama Regency
Pelangi Hotel
Pelita Hotel
PelitaTerang Hotel
Persada Hotel
Pura Jaya Beach Resort
Puri Garden Hotel
Politan Hotel


Ramayana Hotel
Rose Hotel
Regina Hotel
Rama Hotel

Sahid Rashinta Hotel
Seruni Hotel
Sari Jaya Hotel
Sentosa Hotel
Singapura Hotel
Sekawan Hotel
Singa Hotel

Turi Beach Resort

Wisata होटल


Our beer girls can be found both at our brewery pub, as well as at various food courts around Batam (please see the locations page for details).

Our girls can be easily spotted at food courts because they wear our distinctive "Fresh" jackets. Just call one over and order a jug of tasty fresh beer.

Our distinctive chillers and dispensers at the food courts and other outlets, keep our beer in perfect condition for your enjoyment.

Please note that since creating this page the Brewery has moved to Batam Centre. The other info on this web site is kept here for historical purposes only. As at January 2007, the brewery is operating as a beer production operation only, supplying various bars and food courts in Batam.

The new location for the brewery is:-

KK Ruko Hupseng DP Kediri,

BLK E No 01,

Batam 29461 Kepulauan Riau

Phone: 7088600

Please call if you are interested in serving this unique locally produced beer.

ICE PUB, Coolest place in town

Opening its doors in 1997, the Ice Pub has grown from a small newcomer on the party block to its present two-floor, 2,500 sq. feet entertainment venue. Serving customers from every corner of the globe, Ice Pub has become one of Batam Island’s main nightlife attractions offering a variety of pub sports and music entertainment to satisfy a customer’s need. In other words, you haven’t really known Batam if you haven’t gone to the Ice Pub and did the ‘been there, done that, n’ bought the T-shirt’ routine.

A favourite amongst the island’s expat regulars, Ice Pub’s seven meter long bar and its visual dream stock bottle display of the more popular drinks, assures every customer that his or her choice drink is never going to dry up at ICE. Greeting every customer are the pub’s all female bar crew. But be warned, one should not be fooled by smiles of the petite female bartenders as they have been trained to drink you under the bar or beat you in a game of 8-ball pool. Mind you, the pub has witnessed a few male egos being humbled every now and then, but always in good humour.

Music lovers
On the first floor, Ice Pub’s resident spinner, DJ Manto, is there every night playing a mix of past and present hits. The pub’s music selection covers all eras from 50’s Rock n’ Roll, the early rock of Led Zep, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Queen, ACDC, Rolling Stones, Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, to the 80’s Rock groups and latest hits. All these plus an impressive collection of various Australian, US & UK artists, new Country, classic Reggae, Italian, German, French, Filipino, Indonesian and Chinese numbers makes the Ice Pub the Jukebox of Batam, for a night of boogying to retro, reggae and contemporary dance numbers till two in the morning.

Singers 'r' Us
For all who prefer a more calmer party, just move on upstairs, to the pub’s second floor Executive Karaoke Lounge (see photos). The club’s many friendly in-house hostesses will gladly accompany you for a song or two to your request of popular English, Hindi, Tamil, Chinese, Filipino and Indonesian numbers.

Games people play
If you’re a player and like to unwind after a hard day, then the Ice Pub’s Dynamo Top Brass American Pool table will be make your night. You don’t even need to bring a challenger as the female bar staff will gladly take you in a friendly game of 8-ball pool.

Girls just wanna have fun
As fun is always the essence of a good night out, then the girls of Ice Pub are positively some of the most cheerful local ladies that you will meet in Batam. Unlike the ‘ladies’ in most karaoke, discos and bars, the ‘night ladies’ of Ice are there of their own accord and are always ready to have a friendly chat or a drink with you. An advantage that the Ice girls possess over most locals is that the ladies speak a reasonable command of english.

The Ice Pub is located just behind the Mandarin Regency Hotel

Hotels near the Ice Pub: - Mandarin Regency Hotel, Puri Garden Hotel, Horizona Hotel, Hotel 81, Lai Lai Hotel, Rama Hotel, Regent Hotel, Pelita Inn

Full address for correspondence:
Jl. Raja Ali Haji Blok A No.5
Kodya Batam, Indonesia
Tel. (+0778) 426951


Carnaval Night in City Cafe

New City Cafe in Batam Centre again served the Carnaval Night agenda for the lovers of night entertainment in Batam.

Especially this Saturday night (15/12), nuances entertainment of the Cowboy Carnaval so a part of Carnaval Night.

The visitor City Cafe will find the atmosphere country in the Cowboy Carnaval.

There is also performance DJ Agusto that was ready to play music and to ask the youth of the visitor City Cafe to be fluctuating.

While enjoyed the atmosphere country, the lovers City Cafe will be also entertained specially performance from the Model Creation.

The agenda will be begun around struck 22,00 WIB until was finished.

For the length of the agenda of songs country property belonging to Sania Twain, Carrie Undermood and Keith Urban reinforced the Carnaval rough impression in City Cafe.