Steps Cafe: Heated Honky Tonk Women

Sparkling Step Cafe witness magnificent works of the Rolling Stones, who returned to reverberate in the concert Tribute to the Rolling Stones. Special concert on Wednesday (25/11), the singer supported the band joined in, Allfriends.

The concert is dedicated to a British band that started at 24.00 pm. The concert opened with the delivery profile of the legendary band. With his song titled Honky Tonk Woman. After that, Allfriends performed with wing opening song Rock n Roll from some other band.

"This is just the warm-up before entering the concert offerings for the Rolling Stones," says Raju, Event Organizer, when found last night at the Steps Cafe. Appearances they made the atmosphere festive concert early.

After singing three songs, the concert opened Allfriends dedication to the Rolling Stones with the song Start Me Up. Visitors will also wreak longing with the band prancing and making berteriak.Penampilan the festive atmosphere of the concert early.

The audience seemed to be drawn into the 70s-era when the Rolling Stones hits like Honky Tonk Woman, Brown Sugar, Dead Flower, Angie, Paint Black, It's All Over Now, brought allfriends. Although Allfriends not enliven the concert with a fashion typical of the era of 70, but the atmosphere is still attractive.

The work of Ronnie Wood, Charlie Watts, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards pat on the head is still attached to his thousands of fans. Throughout the concert, the audience chant fluent.


E Groove: Pirate Party

Nou Property Band from Jakarta to start his appearance entertain guests regularly and in E Groove clubers Pub at Hotel Penuin 89, Sunday (22/11) night. Home new band that replaces E 4Play Groove Band from Bali, is directly stomping on his debut.

At the farewell party event for 4Play Band from Bali and welcome party for the Nou Property's band from Jakarta, carrying the songs nge-beat. Initiate an appearance on Night Caribbean-themed events that took clubers Nou Property rocking and enjoy the music without stopping. The song Do not Stop music Rihana's also coming from the four Nou Band vocalist.

Then sequential succession Nou Band Propery the song popularized Beautiful Liar Shakira and Beyonce. Madona song featuring Justin Timberlake, 4 Minutes, continued to swing until the early hours. "New Property Nou this time appeared in Batam. Vocalist (a girl) pretty-pretty, "said Groove Manager E Pub, Tovan, Sunday night.

Before appearing Profery Nou, E 4Play Band Groove show for the last time. They perform a pirate-style. Then there Senopati Band from Batam. Senopati Band perform for the event I (Do not) Like Sunday. Arena for local bands to kebolahannya in E mengunjukkan Pub Groove held every week. Senopati carrying rock songs from their own country mapun overseas, such as peaceful Gigi's Love.

Steps Cafe: Party Together Rolling Stone

STEPS Cafe finally able to treat its visitors a sense of longing, tomorrow (25/11) night. Cafe in complex Plaza Nagoya Batam Batam, it will hold a concert offerings to the legendary band Rolling Stone.

Offering this concert, was deliberately held because of the many cafes visitor demand. In addition, in Batam, too many fans of this band. "Visitors almost every night request songs Rolling Stone. Therefore, we hold a special event to sing their songs, "says Raju, yesterday.

Moreover, UK-based band also deserves to be appreciated. Because until now still exist. "Although personnel are old but they are still active," he said. To bring the songs led the band is Mick Jagger, Steps Cafe was entrusted to the origin band Allfriends Jakarta, which once home cafe band.

"Allfriends Band will be able to cure homesickness visitors, because they are very good at bringing wing songs Rock n Roll, of course, the songs bearing the band's tongue stuck out," he said.

Raju believed the concert would be fun, because in addition to listening to your favorite songs from the Rolling Stone, visitors will also be warmed by offering house music DJ Cool Dian processed. Not to forget also to enliven the show will be interspersed with games and dance offerings Rock n Roll style.

"It's going great we containers. Profile in Rolling Stone's band will also be played before the songs were sung. Anyway the show is guaranteed fun, "added Raju.

Volcano Pub Presents Four Play Band of Bali

NU flava band since the band was entertaining a few months the Clubbers in Volcano Tanjungpinang City Pub, Comfort Hotel and Resort tonight, Tuesday (24/11) starting at around 22:00 will perform an all-out. This is their last appearance in the Volcano, and then they will be replaced by a new band management imported from Bali, the Four Play Band, which consisted of 5 men and 4 boys one girl.

At night the Four Play Band will be immediately kicked Volcano Pub as regards his introduction to the Clubbers in this city. They will show all his ability to entertain visitors. 2nd appearance of this band Volcano ditaja by management with the headline Pub and wellcome farewell party. Farewell to the NU Plava Band and welcome party for the Four Play Band.

"Management Comfort Hotel and Resort and the Volcano Pub continually strive to give the best to the community and the Clubbers in Tanjungpinang. One is the doing that is by continuing to bring the band - new and famous bands imported from outside Tanjungpinang, "said Public Relations Pub Volcano Comfort Hotel and Resort.

According to Mubarak, to pamper and decorate Clubbers Tanjungpinang music color Volcano Pub. So, Four Play Band deliberately brought in from Bali. The first show will Four Play Band separations at the same time with the band NU flava.

Club One: Wars Between Two DJ's

CLUB One Novotel prepare exciting event to warm tonight, Monday (23/11). Club located in the basement of Hotel Novotel region's love match, will hold Star War Party.

Batam Clubbers who want to enjoy the bright atmosphere, it seemed necessary to visit a young kongkow these Batam. There will be musical performances from one of the best bands in Batam, namely Cappucino and home of the band Club Novotel Surabaya, Nu Revolution. "It's going to be guaranteed excited," he said, Assistant Manager of Club One Novotel Richard, yesterday.

In addition to the two groups ABG Batam loved it, at the height of the evening, Club One DJ also serve the war. Two DJs will be playing skill contest his turn table. Who was the most excited? The answer could be obtained only if Batam clubber party tonight at Club One.

"We invite young children to join in Batam Club One," says Richard.
The whole treat music presented this evening, will be combined with two experienced dancer, Evolution and F Dancer. "Evolution is Modern Dance, comes from Tanjungpinang. They will collaborate with F Dancer from Batam to play freestyle aka free style, "said Richard.


This is Reggae Night Together at Steps Steven Cafe

STEPS Cafe in Batam love match, tonight, Thursday (12/11) held event Reggae Zone.
Ascertained tonight, Clubbers Steps reggae party will be called. Because, they will be alive with the party Steven Coconut Treez. Typical man dreads this, giving a new atmosphere for Steps Cafe Clubbers.

In each show Steven Coconut Treez always carry a few hits from the legendary Bob Marley and some of his own songs. Contains poetry criticism, protest, spirit, and even tend to 'naughty' able to hypnotize his audience to join in a rock this reggae music.

That's why reggae party do not pass this.''Chose, theme Reggae Zone, because of the many requests Clubbers. Today, we dedicate the theme for the Clubbers Steps Reggae Cafe,''said Raju from Tema Entertainment, yesterday to Batam Pos.
Clubbers party that night, also toned performance All Friends Band from Jakarta and DJ Cool Dian.


New Revolution Replace X-One

Club One Cafe returned home to change his band. X-One Band of nearly two months entertain lovers Club One was replaced by a band that is also home Surabaya, New Revolution. Substitution is marked with a farewell party held on Saturday (7 / 11) night.

"Substitution of this as a refresher, so clubber at Club One is not bored," said Wowoy, Bar Manager Club One.

New Revolution itself is a band that has often performed in a number of cafes in Batam. So that they understand the true clubber's musical tastes in this metropolis.

This band is quite unique because it has five vocalists. They are fefy, Amy, Siska, Heri and Berto. All five have music stream specifications of each. Ranging from rock, RnB, slow rock, top 40 and classic songs. The band is also strengthened his fourth player, which is Gendos (drums), Boy (guitar), Yoyon (bass) and Miky (keyboard).

In a farewell party yesterday, they performed all-out in front of the Club One Lovers. Farewell party was also toned sexy dancer action of F Model Agency and Fire Flair Bartender.

Nangkring cafe on the ground floor of this Novotel Hotel, Wowoy said, will continue to serve various iven interesting and not just entertainment.
"We always try to provide entertainment menus other than the other," he said. (a)


The Wedding Party on Noname

EVENTS is quite special! For couples who invented the Noname Cafe, to celebrate together at the cafe located on the ground floor of Hotel Harmoni is. Event The Wedding, tonight (5 / 11) is an appreciation of the Noname for patrons who had invented at this cafe.

Not only it brings the couple, also featured DJ Noname Shizou of Equinox-X2 Jakarta. Special appearance will add show tonight.
"We deliberately invite any couples who had invented the Noname to be present to celebrate together Shizou DJ," said Wiwi, Noname Cafe Manager.

Shizou own DJ will perform a spin the wedding and the honeymoon. Not to forget the gorgeous models from the catwalk Models with Indofoto to display the wedding dress.
"Noname will set-up like a celebration and for visitors who come first will get a limited souvenirs," he said.

Shizou own DJ name just one shot last year. With a strong basic music, his name started DJ-aligned with other top DJ in Jakarta. Especially when she was listed as one of the stau DJ show on X2, a place famous dugem in Jakarta. Shizou also often appear with a number of popular hip-hop singer in Jakarta as Yacko, Soul ID, Sweet Martabak in appearance. His ability to play a song R & B and hiphop, Clubbers liked him a lot.

Showing Sexy Dancer

Batam Clubbers who want to amuse yourself while removing tired after the move for a week, may need to visit the Club One Novotel. Club that fester in the basement of Hotel Novotel love match it, prepared a draft program for the warm night fun this week with the appearance of sexy dancer.

"We will show sexy dancer and bartender fire plan," said Wowoy, Bar Manager Club One in love match, Thursday (5 / 11).

Besides sexy dancer and bartender fire plan, the management of Club One also would provide entertaining music. They bring in the New Revolution and the X One, two bands that play all popular music stream from Surabaya. Interestingly, visitors who came between the hours of 22:00 to 23:00 pm will receive coktail freely.

"We also provide a 20 percent discount for every purchase of two bottles of liquor," said Wowoy. To support the relaxed atmosphere but still bright, the management of Club One set of visual efect supported lighting red and black decorations in various parts of the room. "We enjoy till 4 o'clock in the morning," said Wowoy.


Spooky but exciting

Halloween Party at Club One

Soulmate not a name that does not present gokil events. Located at Club One Novotel, event organizer who was barely one year old this exciting event held again called Halloween Party, Saturday night.

In accordance with the theme, dress code for this party is all black. In fact, the entire band, waiter and waitress cafe, and the bartenders were wearing dresses halloween special unison.

"We deliberately packed party this time with black shades and costumes serem. Halloween impression so it was really felt, "said Baday, Event Coordinator Soulmate.

Not special packaging, Halloween Party at Club One night it was also somewhat special. The reason, the management and EO package offers two free one. Hence, this time the party begins with a cocktail party, where every purchase two get one free glass of cocktail glasses. So with all kinds of other drinks.

Not only that, this party also toned appearance of two bands and two resident DJs. For his band is Neo Revolution and X-One from Surabaya. As for DJ, a DJ and DJ Ragil Autist.

Halloween party this evening even more festive with the emergence of four erotic dancers from F Agency Model.