Carnaval Night in City Cafe

New City Cafe in Batam Centre again served the Carnaval Night agenda for the lovers of night entertainment in Batam.

Especially this Saturday night (15/12), nuances entertainment of the Cowboy Carnaval so a part of Carnaval Night.

The visitor City Cafe will find the atmosphere country in the Cowboy Carnaval.

There is also performance DJ Agusto that was ready to play music and to ask the youth of the visitor City Cafe to be fluctuating.

While enjoyed the atmosphere country, the lovers City Cafe will be also entertained specially performance from the Model Creation.

The agenda will be begun around struck 22,00 WIB until was finished.

For the length of the agenda of songs country property belonging to Sania Twain, Carrie Undermood and Keith Urban reinforced the Carnaval rough impression in City Cafe.

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