Day-Trip Dummy's Guide to Batam

1 Day Crash Course in Batam:
Leave Singapore in the morning from WTC. Ferries are on an hourly basis. No problem in booking one. Take Penguin and book for Batu Ampar. There is also Sekupang, did not go there yet. Ferry,faster.Usual cost for ferry plus return S$26.Journey takes 45min. Check in latest 15min b4 departure.

Clear custom and pick a taxi. Go out and zoom to one, pretend u know him n get away from the crowd as soon as possible if u r entirely new to the scene and have no contacts or whatsoever.

1. Negotiate price of taxi, that is, to bring u to a hotel,getting a girl and fetching u back to the ferry. Usually S$20-30 is sufficient. Do not pay first until your whole fun is over.Pay when going back.Tell him when to pick u up.

2. Get him to bring u to where to change money. Usually Matahari shopping centre is ok. Roughly going rate should be S$1 to 5000rp. The rest u can work it out.

3. Since spending only a day there, go get a girl.Going rate is about 280,000rp (S$50 roughly).

4. Ask taxi to bring u to hotel, cheap n good. Rate about S$30-50.At reception as to book ferry if possible, if not at ferry too can. Hotel can pay by VISA or cash.
5. Optional, can buy food along the way or can't tahan order in hotel, via room service. Cost about S$8-15. Tip: buy condoms from Singapore. At WTC got Watson's. If u want to drink ,buy at the duty free shop after checking in.

6. So in hotel by 12 n the fun starts. Dun waste time, whack as many times as u can till late evening. On average, about 3-5 times of ejaculating should be sufficient.

7. Check out and go back. Last ferry, I think is about 8 pm our time. Remember, if our time is 10am, theirs would be 9am. U must be clear on that. Can cause confusion if unsure.

So there u go for a day's trip. Total cost: S$150 is very comfortable. Its a no frills fun but worth the number of times u can have sex. It works out to about $30 per shot if can cum 5 times in a day.

My fren n I left for Batam to cheong. Our contacts were from Geylang. they left after finishing their tour of duty here. Contacted them and asked to me us there. So everything was set.

Met them n off to hotel. It was lunch time alredi so I had to do my first shot.Took a bath and she too. On the bed started frenching like long lost lovers. My hands were all over her perky breasts n moved to her soft trimmed pussy. She started bbbj me. She was good at it n reminded me of those in geylang cat150. It was good suction power with tongue swirling around. Licking up n down my shaft n down to my balls. She was bbbj me for about 10 minutes n i had to tell her stop! Then we french again n it was my turn to work on her. I went down between her legs n did my tounge-fu on her. Boy was she wet. Put 2 fingers in n continued licking her pussy. Can see that she buay tahan alredi. So rammed my shaft in. I was humping fast n furious. about half hour later, cummed n exhausted for a while. Washed up n ordered lunch. After that, drank a couple of beers n didi was standing again. She laughed n went down on it again. She continued doing her bbbj n it was my turn to **** her in doggie. Her ass was soft and rounded.
Spread her legs wider for better penetration. This time lasted longer than usual. Switched to her riding on me. Then lifted her to chair n spread her legs open again wide for again better penetration. Stopped for a while n used finger to rub her pussy. She was high alredi. Rubbed n rubbed until she cummed. Started back on doggie n finish off tired.

So round 2 over. Evewning alredi, left for dinner with friend. Her girl left him. So we had to find a replacement. After dinner, prowled the karaoke joints for a suitable candidiate. Found one that looked like an office girl but was having her period. Fren disappointed. Finally got one, look wild n proved a good deal as my fren told me the next morning. As for me, wished could change other gal but dun feel good about dropping my contact as she has been very accommodating to me. So we did karaoke n got even more drunk. Back to hotel for round 3 b4 sleep n somewhere in the middle of the night round 4.
Morning wanted one more time but cock was sore alredi. Cumming again like agony after round 4.

Good thing is that this woman is very good n i enjoyed my experience with her. In future, can get her to recommend other gers, she dun mind one. So if stay longer n can wait for gers to knock off from work, can approach to spend the nite with u.In fact nearly any gers are ****able, even the receptionist at the hotel, or the salesgirl at the shopping centre, or those just walking pass u. Even the gers that open the tiger bottles r availble. But the difference is the price. Expect to pay more.

The girl I had , I paid her a little more for her hospitalibilty। I paid her above market rate but It was worth it. I still have her contact n can get her there anytime to spend time with me. But I have other plans, targetting those working gers, discotheques n others. (www.nedbatam.com)

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Anonymous said...

Wow amazing site I feel after reading it like I have already been there. Great job! I am going there in 2 days you took out all the guess work. Thank you