Our beer girls can be found both at our brewery pub, as well as at various food courts around Batam (please see the locations page for details).

Our girls can be easily spotted at food courts because they wear our distinctive "Fresh" jackets. Just call one over and order a jug of tasty fresh beer.

Our distinctive chillers and dispensers at the food courts and other outlets, keep our beer in perfect condition for your enjoyment.

Please note that since creating this page the Brewery has moved to Batam Centre. The other info on this web site is kept here for historical purposes only. As at January 2007, the brewery is operating as a beer production operation only, supplying various bars and food courts in Batam.

The new location for the brewery is:-

KK Ruko Hupseng DP Kediri,

BLK E No 01,

Batam 29461 Kepulauan Riau

Phone: 7088600

Please call if you are interested in serving this unique locally produced beer.

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