My Batam Trip

SPORE TO BATAM: Got to Spore in early pm and took a taxi to the WTC. Penguin ferry to BATU AMPARE and arrived around 6:00PM. Tried to get into Hotel Formosa but no luck, went to Penguin Hotel on edge of city. Lotsa fun in the food court in the rear of the hotel, but no pussy action.

Thought about trying to score with the beer girl but was too tired. Next day: Check in at Hotel Formosa (weekend pussy hounds go home). What a great day! Got a great message for 2 hours at about 10 bucks USD. No sex, just a great message. All this from the in house masseuse. Afterwards went up to the fish bowl on the 4th floor for pussy.

Checked out an ok chik for 60,000 Rp short-time. OK, but no BJ and just a straight ****. Chik wanted to watch TV so we bonked and I kicked her out. Later that nite went to ALISAN (also on the 4th floo) to the Karaoke joint and did another short time gig in the room. OK, but the chik chain smoked and wanted to watch tv..........Next day: Check in to the Melia. Wanted to try the best joint in town ($75S). Not a bad room (secure safety deposit) and nice digs..

Had a room that looked out toward MEMORY karaoke. Off to MEMORY to check out the merchandise. Place sucked. Smokey and too few chiks (maybe too early). Decided to walk to Queens and Dynasty (back near Formosa). Very smoky but lots of chiks, some good looking. Mr. Happy did get hard so I passed. Walked around Nagoya and over to Hotel Mandarin and the pubs in back.... Nothing doing (too early) so I got another message nearby. This joint in back of Hotel Mandarin. Ok, but this time the chik wanted a 20,000 Rp tip. I told her to **** off and gave her 50,000Rp. Later that nite I went to CROWN Karaoke.......Jackpot!!!

Found a sweet lady (spoke some English) and we joked around for about one half hour. Teased her about taking some of the younger stuff (she was about 25) and she proceeds to tell me about the chiks and wants to know if I want her to introduce me..... Finally, I quit ****ing with her and said lets go.... Great move! Bonk, bonk, bonk,..... this lady wouldn't quit. Early in the morning she got me inside without a condom until I freaked. I told her to stop that **** but she would do anything.

Next day she wanted to stay the whole day and next nite. I thought about staying another day but needed to get back to San Francisco.... What a **** up, should have stayed and bonked her again for another 24 hours...... Hey dudes, you guys fortunate enough to get that Batam pussy are in paradise. Much cheaper than most anywhere else in the world and with very good service, compared to elsewhere....... Next trip: Bintan and Karimun....... Ciao.....(by Peter माँ)

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