GIRLS OF BATAM: One Bule's Experience - GIRL ONE

by asiaphan

It was my very first day in Batam, I wanted to get right down to business, er, I mean pleasure. And I wanted to try to forget the horrid massage lady.

I went to the lobby of the hotel. The bell boy asked if I wanted a taxi. Sure. I wanted to know if they could just sort of drive me around, I had the names of a few girlie places from the internet, figured I would ask the driver once under way. No need to embarrass myself in front of the bell boy and passers by. The taxi quoted R35,000, but with a three hour minimum (the hotel taxi drivers could speak limited English as could the bell boys). I knew that was very much a rip off price, and walked away, I figured my business would not take more than one hour. I walked down to the street, but just like at the ferry terminal, I realized I could not negotiate with a street taxi, no English. I was stuck already, and at the mercy of the hotel taxi. I went back, and there was a second taxi guy, who then called his friend who supposedly spoke a little English on a cell phone. The friend showed up ten minutes later, and I finally agreed for a round trip to Queen’s Bee, at the drivers recommendation, for R40,000, which a week later would have only cost me R20,000 tops.

Queen’s Bee is a Karaoke joint. Well, it is a brothel under the guise of a karaoke joint. I walked in the door and directly into a small room, no foyer or front desk or any such entry way. Just right into the room which was not much larger than an average American living room. Along one wall were two rows of cheap, black, vinyl covered, tattered benches, with forty to fifty girls sitting. The place was fairly dark and a little noisy from the Karaoke music. The rest of the room was furnished with the same tattered, black vinyl benches and cocktail tables, where a customer could sit with the girl of his choice and drink, sing and chat. There were no other customers in the place, time was about 1pm. Several of the girls immediately started to hoot and holler at me, some just looked, some ignored me, some clearly avoided eye contact, more than a few were smoking, some chatted with the girl next to them oblivious to me, some looked totally bored, some were ready to party, a few actively solicited my attention with eye contact, hip movement (a little bit like a stripper), or just verbally. I remember hearing things like, “Halo”, “take me”, “pick me”, “good time”, “me, me, me”, and so on. Mostly of the comments were unintelligible. The manager was an Indo man, who spoke some English. He was polite but aggressive. Offered me a drink, I declined. Asked me what kind of girl I liked, I mumbled a non-committal response. He asked if he could bring me a couple of girls, I think his exact words were, “I pick for you, OK?”. I mumbled again. He then asked if I liked small girls, to which I nodded in the affirmative. He brought over one shy looking slim girl, who looked quite uncomfortable as she sat next to me. I had my eye on another small girl, not real pretty, but an interesting face, slim, short hair, she seemed eager to go with me. The manager brought a third girl to me as well, but I decided on the one with short hair who seemed most eager to go with me. The manager said it was R280,000 (or maybe just R260,000 don’t remember exactly) booking fee. I paid the manager and the girl disappeared for a couple minutes, I assume to pack an overnight bag, and we got into the taxi, she snuggled up to me nicely and put her hand on my thigh. We went back to the hotel. The girl did not have an overnight bag exactly, just her very small hand bag, but it turned out to have her pajamas stuffed inside along with a few other necessities.

Arriving at the hotel, the bell boys gave us a knowing glance, and may have leered at the girl a bit, but made no verbal comments. The front desk ignored my guest completely. Once in my room, things deteriorated immediately. She lost her cuddly, happy demeanor. She turned on the TV at once. That is a no win deal. If I make her turn it off, she is pissed, if I leave it on, her attention will never be fully on me. I opted for the lesser of two evils, not wanting an angry young girl in my room, and left the TV on. I motioned for her to take a shower but she declined. Damn, bad sign number two. She then started talking, I could not understand anything, but it sure looked like she was asking for money, I think she was saying something like R100,000 me. I did not give her any money. Then she said lima belas (15) over and over. I thought it was another request for money, but later on I came to think she was trying to tell me she was 15 years of age. She was fairly young looking. Once her clothes finally came off, she had no pussy hair, and no nipples (or inverted nipples), although her breasts were fully developed and she had the girlie curves and hips. She was clearly past puberty and into womanhood, age could have been as young as 15 I suppose, but I really doubt it. Could also have been as old as 21 I think, impossible for me to tell.

So no shower, OK. I sat on the edge of the bed next to her. She pulled out a condom from her bag and held it up in front of my face. I nodded yes and she smiled. For several clumsy moments we fiddled with each other, sort of hugging, a few pecks on the cheek, some hesitant gropes, she avoided any mouth to mouth action. I helped her remove her top, and she started the shy routine. Covered up her breasts, tried to get under the covers, etc. I was able to remove her bra as she slipped under the covers. I removed my own clothes, then pulled back the bed covers to get her pants off. She was a little reluctant, but did not really resist at all. It’s kind of hard to explain, even though she helped me get her pants off it was like she was not really cooperative either.

I kissed her breasts a little, no response from her. She adjusted her head so she could see the TV better. OK, I sort of expected that. She was not real pretty, but had a sort of boyish charming face, which appealed to me, and was petite. It was my first time seeing a naturally hairless pussy, and her breasts were high, and “perky”, and nicely formed, so her body was a significant turn on for me. Figured that she was decent enough for my first Indo girl, and proceeded. Put on a condom, tried to ask her for bj, she understood and flat out refused. Fine, not unexpected, I proceeded to the main course and tried to enter her. She was very dry, and not at all cooperative in assisting with insertion. Not resistant at all, but not cooperative. I used some of the astro glide lube I brought, and finally got her legs up high enough to give me a good angle for penetration. A few gentle pushes and I was in. She winced a little. Once inside, she immediately put her legs tightly together. I think her intent was to make a tighter fit and get me off sooner. But it had the opposite effect. We then struggled for the next ten minutes, me trying to keep her in a position that was good for me, she trying to minimize the depth of my thrust and/or get me off quick by trying to keep her legs together. She finally gave up, and I got her legs up above my shoulders and got some decent stroking. It was my first sex in a week, and the anticipation of it all had me pretty stoked, so I was ready to blow in no time. I pulled out to come on her chest, she was not comfortable, guarded her face with her hands, but allowed me to come. As soon as I started to squirt, she squirmed around trying to avoid it. When I was done she got up and cleaned herself off with a tissue. Then took a shower! I waited until she was done and then showered, taking my pants (and the money in the pocket) into the bathroom with me. Then things got worse, much worse.

After the shower she tried talking to me. It was very difficult, she spoke no English at all, and all we had were my pocket electronic translator and a small phrase book. After many attempts I got the impression that she wanted to leave and go back to Queens Bee, but she could not/would not tell me why. So I said no. She pointed to her handbag dozens of times, and started to get frustrated at my inability to understand her. She repeated the same thing over and over and over, getting more agitated as I continued to look at her stupefied. We tried the translator and book, but she was clearly poorly educated and it was nearly impossible for her to look up stuff. I tried my best, but she continued to use words and phrases that just were not in either my translator or book. And that just frustrated her more. But she kept hammering home the word “pulang” (go back), and I kept saying no, no pulang. I had read on the net about how some girls try to get out of an all night commitment, saying they have errands to run. This girl did not/could not say why she wanted to go back. At first I thought she wanted me to go back with her, then later it seemed like she did not. I still don’t know if she actually had changed her mind about that or I just had misunderstood.

After well over an hour of this nonsense I was starting to lose my patience, and was ready to cut my losses and try again with a different girl. I gave her a small tip, not because I wanted to tip her as much as I wanted to make it clear our time was over, and started to say good-bye to her. But she would not leave the room. She complained the tip was not enough (I think!). After several more minutes and attempts at communicating, including raising her voice and pacing back and forth, I think I got the point that she was going to leave but that I should not go back to Queens Bee. Again I remembered reading on the net that girls who do not keep an all night commitment, or who are returned to the karaoke bar by the customer as unsatisfactory, are subject to some sort of reprimand and perhaps a penalty. So it started to make sense that she would not want me to go back to Queen’s Bee. So after an hour of her telling me pulang pulang, now she was telling me “no pulang”, “no pulang”. I think her meaning was that I should not go back to Queens Bee, because then the manager would know she was not with me. The next bit of communication from her seemed to indicate that she in fact did want to sleep in my room. She started insisting on it, but going to go out for a while. I really did not want anything more to do with her at all. I said no again. And then she really worked herself into a tizzy, ranting and raving, sometimes talking to herself, then repeating endlessly to me that she would sleep here, that I should not pulang, then slapped her hand bag, then pointed to my pillow, and on and on and on.

I was getting close to calling the front desk for help in getting her out. At this point I was standing up, pointing at the door, saying goodbye over and over. But she still did not leave, I think she wanted to make sure I was not going back to Queen Bee. Finally, around 6:30, after over two hours of this nonsense, I guess she was convinced that I would not go back to Queen Bee. She finally started to pack and get ready to leave. She raided the bathroom, took all the freebie supplies, shampoo, lotion, bubble bath, soap, toothbrush, comb, razor. Took up the handful of candies I had laid on the table, snatched up the extra condom, and somehow got it all into that tiny little hand bag. She finally walked out the door to my great relief. I looked out my window to make sure she actually left. As soon as she was out the front door a guy on a scooter picked her up. There were always four or five guys with scooters in front of the hotel offering rides to passersby, and I knew the girls usually took one back to their bar in the mornings. But somehow this guy was a bit quick in riding up to her and she was a bit quick in jumping on the back. In hindsight I suspect the guy on the bike was her boyfriend and she had been planning all along to get out and see him on my booking time. The guy had probably waited in front of the hotel for the last several hours. Oh well, at least she was out of the room, and I had enough time to shower, gather myself together, and walk over to Lucy’s bar for a 7pm meeting with G Man from the asfo email list.

I have no qualms in mentioning this girl’s name. Sara from Queens Bee, AVOID.(http://nedbatam.com/)

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