GIRLS OF BATAM: One Bule's Experience - GIRL TWO

by asiaphan
I felt a bit better after my chat with G Man, who reassured me that my unpleasant experience of the afternoon was not out of the ordinary, but not terribly common either. He somehow made me feel that I had done nothing wrong, just had a bit of bad luck and that things would probably get much better as I got accustomed to Batam. He also told me a little bit about the nearby joints, including Rio Rita’s across the street from Lucy’s. For some reason I was under the impression it was a restaurant, but G Man told me the small room next to the main store front was a karaoke joint just like Queen Bee. Not wanting to spend my first night on Batam alone, I went to Rio Rita after finishing the pleasant 1 hour chat with G Man.

Rio Rita was very much like Queen Bee, except the room was a little larger, and long and narrow. There were about the same number of girls, 40 to 50, but all sat on one long bench against the wall. There were no other customers. The manager was a woman. I went through pretty much the same routine, declining the offer of a drink, and trying to look over the girls over without staring. I saw a fairly cute, quite small, petite gal, young looking, with breasts that were clearly sticking out, short hair, way too much white pancake make up, but her body was really good. She had an indifferent attitude, was just slouching on the bench. Did not make eye contact with me, but was not avoiding it by staring hard at the floor like some of the girls. She seemed to be a bit of a loner, so I asked the manager for her. Then I also asked the manager if she did bj, using hand signals. The manager had a short talk with the girl and then told me yes. This girl was far better looking than the Queen Bee girl, and seemed pleasant, and bit more reserved.

I paid the fee, again about R260,000 I think. We walked back to the hotel, about five minutes away. Again, the bell boys leered at her a bit, the front desk ignored us. The same scenario happened each time I walked through the lobby with a girl.

We got to my room, and I had a much better feeling about this girl, as she did not immediately turn on the TV, and instead took a shower, coming out in a towel. I too took a short shower, carrying my pants (and the money in the pockets) with me. She was under the covers when I returned. I turned the lights low, it was after 10pm I believe. I removed my clothes and crawled under the covers with her. After some hesitant mutual groping she pulled me to her and gave me a very enthusiastic kiss, which gradually led to some heavy open mouth Frenching. Now this is what I came to Batam for!!!!! I slowly got the towel off, and this girl had one smoking hot body! Beautiful breasts, round, high on her chest, full sized for such a small girl, perfect nipples in the exact center of the perfectly round areola, exquisite. Her stomach was flat, butt round, skin soft, not too slim and not fat, just wonderfully curvy, absolutely superb. Only detractions were a few small round scars on her abdomen and upper legs, she said from cigarette smoking. She said she was 18, and that seemed accurate. After more mutual fondling, I rolled onto my back and motioned for her to do the promised bj, which she did sans condom. Her technique was decent, but very practiced and pretty short, no attempt to actually get me off that way. Then she got on her back, spread her legs, and as I got in position she used her hand to start to insert my dick into her pussy. I had to use a good deal of self discipline to stop her, reach into the bedside drawer and grab a condom. She tried to help me put it on, but clearly lacked any expertise (uh oh!), and I did it myself. She was quite dry, and insertion was not easy. A pillow under her hips, legs up on my shoulders, and then a little squirt of astro glide helped the situation greatly and I had really nice, if somewhat conservative time with her. Stayed in missionary the whole time, finishing inside her. She was not wild in bed by any means, but very accommodating, participating enough to let me know she was at least awake, but not bucking in a ridiculous fashion like in porno tapes (a couple girls later in the week did that, and I disliked it as much as the ones who did nothing at all). When I finished, we cleaned up a bit and went to sleep. Disappointingly, she put her bra and top back on to sleep. I woke up several times during the night with a hard on, but she looked fast asleep and I did not want to put her off by waking her, she had been very pleasant during the entire evening, and so I waited til morning for round two.

She woke around 7, I had been awake for more than an hour. When she woke, I slowly started the hugging and snuggling routine. She was fairly passive, but did not resist. She helped me get her top off again, and I once again had her in standard missionary til I finished, more quickly than the previous night. And while she was cooperative, she was a little more passive, but hey it was early in the morning, so that was OK by me.

I silently weighed my options for the day. I could ask to keep her a second day, which was tempting as she had an ultra hot body, and in the morning I could see that she had a very cute face as well, much better without that silly white pancake makeup. In fact she was damn cute. In retrospect, she was far and away the best looking girl, face and body, I had in Batam. Or instead of keeping her a second day, I could try my hand at getting a new girl and possibly ending up with another girl like Sara from Queen Bee. Faced with that as a possibility, it was a no brainer decision. I spent the next half an hour using my phrase book to ask her if she would spend another day with me. Yes. Great. We went down together to enjoy the large buffet breakfast that is included with the room. No comments from the front desk or any of the waiting staff about my guest enjoying the breakfast with me, and there were no extra charges on my bill when I checked out. We got a few disapproving looks for other guests eating breakfast, but nothing overt. We both had a large breakfast sampling most of the wide variety of cold and hot food available.

At 10am we walked over to Rio Rita’s, paid the booking fee, and she changed her clothes. She came out in a matching set of very wide blue jean bell bottoms tight at the hips and around her butt, and a tight blue jean halter top showing lots of midriff, and huge five inch platform shoes the girls wear nowadays. Fuckin’ hot!

We walked back to the hotel, this time the motorcycle taxis on the corner hooted and whistled at her, the bell boys did a more obvious leer than usual, and I felt a bit embarrassed, the dirty old man!

Once in the room, I could not constrain myself and laid her on the bed and had her once more. She was helpful in removing her clothes, but was again fairly passive as she had been earlier in the morning. Still her smoking body was more than enough to quickly send me over the edge. No kissing or bj.

I asked her to be my guide. I wanted to go shopping, buy some local fresh fruit, maybe a camera, maybe some gifts, and of course would buy something for her as well. I imagined we could have lunch at some quaint Indo joint, then return in the afternoon for a long leisurely afternoon session of lust. I was very pleased!

We went downstairs, she asked me (via phrase book), where I wanted to go to buy the fruit. Uh, hey lady, you are supposed to be my guide, right? I had no friggin idea where to go! After a few minutes of deliberation with the taxi, we were off and soon arrived at a large department type store with groceries upstairs. She paid the taxi about 1/3 what I figured it would have cost me. The fruits were rather expensive, but there were some interesting looking ones and she helped me pick out a few. But then something happened. We (she I mean) had attracted hoots and whistles the whole time, walking on the street, and all through the store. Like I said, she was one hot number, and dressed in a very sexy outfit, and wore that very whorish white pancake makeup. I was starting to be able to ignore the stares, when she suddenly indicating she was going back downstairs, leaving me alone to try to figure out how to pay for the stuff. Hey wait a minute guide, where are you going?? She did not go downstairs, but neither did she help me. After I paid, she walked several steps ahead of me as we went out to the street and flagged a taxi. I am not sure what she said, but I heard her say the name of my hotel and we were heading back. Hey what happened to the rest of the shopping trip? She again gave the taxi far less money than I would have had to pay. We went to my room, she took off her shoes and pants, but not her top, and got into bed. OK, that’s fine by me! But when I laid next to her, she rolled over away from me and closed her eyes. I think she might have said sleep or something. But even if she did not say it, it was clear that sleep was what she was going to do. She motioned for me to take a nap next to her. She was still being pleasant and polite to me, but clearly not anxious to have sex, or should I say, clearly anxious to avoid sex if possible.

Something had surely happened at the store that bothered her, but I never found out what. I assume somebody said something or looked at her in a way that she just couldn’t stand anymore. It could have been something entirely different, I have no idea. At any rate, since she was still pleasant and kindly, I let her sleep. I also took a short nap. When I woke she was still sleeping, and sleeping, and sleeping. 2 o’clock, then 3 o’clock, then 4 and 5pm came and went. And she still slept. She looked so good in my bed that I wanted to wake her and take her again several times, but I did not. I felt a little bad because clearly something had made her feel bad at the store and for some reason I felt a little guilty about it. I finally woke her up around 6:30, saying we should go to dinner. She understood, and I was relieved that she woke right up and showered and got ready to go out to eat.

She took me to the A1 Pujasera seafood food court. She ordered the beer for me, she did not drink any. And she ordered sate, fried crab in a spicy sauce, fried shrimp, and sautéed vegetables with squid. All was good except the warm beer. I had a second bottle anyway! Total was about US$11, with enough food for four. It was the first rich food I’d had in several days, and the spicy fried food topped off with the strong warm beer was the perfect recipe for indigestion. Near the end of the meal I started to feel “it” coming on. I went to use the restroom at the pujasera, more culture shock. There was a stinking, rotten concrete troth for the urinal, and a mysterious closet. I used the urinal and saw a man exit the closet, grab a bucket of water and throw it in the closet he had just exited. I got the picture!!! And decided I could wait til I got back to the hotel to do my business, no matter how urgent it became!

We (she I mean) paid (with my money of course) and left the food court, no taxis were waiting for us. We walked a bit out to the main street, my “need” getting more and more urgent every moment. I indicated to my friend that I had an upset stomach and wanted to get back to the hotel. She understood, and said I should go back to the room and sleep. Actually she just said “sleep”. Yea sleep, right after I use the toilet! We found a taxi, and made it back to the room and the western flush toilet. I relieved myself, but was still a little weak. Took some pepto bismol, and sat down in the big chair. She turned on MTV and crawled into bed, and once again urged me to sleep. “Sleep”. I got the feeling that she was glad to see me sleep, and would not have to accommodate my sexual desires that evening. But despite my suspicions of her actual thoughts, I have to say she was always pleasant and kind to me, and never refused me, when she wasn’t sleeping that is! I quickly fell asleep in the soft chair and woke up an hour later, 9pm. I looked at my girl in the bed, she was once again fast asleep. I was feeling much better, and looking at her was getting me aroused again. But again, I did not wake her. I was grateful to her for at least being pleasant and kind to me, and I did not want to force her to do something that it seemed like she did not want to do.

I did not sleep well that night. My indigestion was gone and I felt fine, too good in fact. Not sleepy at all having taken a nap in the afternoon. Yet my guest slept like a rock. She talked in her sleep several times, one word I clearly understood was “sayang”. I looked it up and it means “to be fond of”, or to have affection. The next morning I told her she had talked in her sleep and told her she had clearly said sayang. She pointed at me. I asked her if she had a boyfriend in Batam. No. Getting more clever I asked her if she had boyfriend back home in Jakarta. Yes. I see I thought to myself blindly. As morning came, I had decided to not keep her another day, as it was pretty clear she was getting more and more uncomfortable about having sex with me. Or should I say, she was letting her guard down a little and letting it show more and more that she did not want to have sex with me. In either case, it’s the same thing. But I sort of rationalized that she should have sex with me at least one more time that morning, considering we did not do it the night before. So I sort of felt justified in pushing her to do it. I laid down, and fondled and tried to kiss her. She was totally passive and non-responsive. Not resistant, but totally passive. I tried to take off her top, but had difficulty and she helped me get it off. Then she went back to complete passivity. Luckily I am just a simple horny old man, and being able to see that nearly perfect hot little body under me was more than enough to get me off, despite her continued complete passivity.

When I finished we showered and went downstairs to breakfast, just as we had done the previous morning. This time instead of eating a large breakfast and sampling the various dishes as she had the day before, she had one small bowl of soup, then unceremoniously waved goodbye and left me there to finish breakfast alone. She smiled and waved goodbye, pleasant to the end, but obviously making a hasty retreat.

It was only 8am, she did not have to report back to Rio Rita until 10am. Oh well. The only time she had shown any enthusiasm for sex was our very first session when she had instigated the heavy French kissing and gave me a decent bj. The following three sessions did not have any mutual kissing or any bj. Just standard missionary sex, and she was very passive.

Addendum: Over the course of my week in the hotel, I frequently saw the girls leaving alone fairly early in the morning. That is apparently common, maybe even the norm. One morning I saw a guy eating breakfast alone, who the night before had had a gorgeous young girl on his arm as they went out to dinner. I asked him where his date of the previous night was, he replied she was still sleeping. Man these girls like to sleep! At any rate, it was reassuring to me that other guys had girls who made them eat alone, and who left them early in the morning, and who slept a lot!

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