GIRLS OF BATAM: One Bule's Experience - GIRL THREE

by Anonymous

BDV-623934-BDVI was not real thrilled with either of my two Karaoke all night bookings and the local guide Jensen was still not back from Jakarta. I spent all day Friday alone, reading, relaxing, and taking two short walks around the neighborhood.

Despite the many bad comments about free lancers in Batam on the net, G Man had told me the previous evening that a good time could be had. And their English was generally much better. He motioned at a very slim, good looking freelancer who was sitting next to him in Lucy�s as he was talking. So I decided to spend Friday night bar hopping, hoping to find a free lancer to keep me company for the evening. I also knew that the Sing guys would be coming in and snatching up the better girls, the pickings at the karaoke joints would probably be slim on Friday evening. Slimmer yet on Saturday, but that was still a day away!

I started off at Lucy�s, nothing there. So I went to the new, and very nicely appointed Red Cock. Both Lucy�s and the Red Cock cater to the expat and foreign tourist clientele. There are often Indonesian ladies hanging around both places, and it was not always easy for me to tell if they were free lancing or already involved. (One afternoon the following week I was ogling a very pretty lady with beautiful long hair, a rarity in Batam, who was sitting alone at the bar in Lucy�s. I asked the waitress who she was and found out she was the owner�s wife! Ooops)

At the Red Cock, one very slim lady, barely average in looks, was sitting next to a white guy, and very much looked like she was �with� him. But she started to make big time goo goo eyes with me (heavy eye contact). I discounted it as a tease and finished my beer. Seeing no other possibilities at Red Cock, I followed G Man�s recommendation and took a cab to the street where Napoli Pizza, Ice Bar, and Sugar Bar are all located next to each other. All three turned out to be pubs that again catered mainly to the foreign tourist and expat clientele. I thought Napoli Pizza was just a pizza joint, but it was actually a major pick up joint, just like Ice Bar and Sugar Bar. There were plenty of girls in both places, probably two or three for every guy, a few lookers, and many more unattractive ones. A few had foreign boyfriends and were just there to have a good time. Several unattractive ladies approached me, some were harder to get rid of than others.

Then I noticed the slim girl from Red Cock enter and she walked up to me saying she had followed me from Red Cock. I told her I thought she was involved, she said no. But she was not exactly my type, I was hoping to find a younger more attractive gal. The skinny girl would not go away. I did my best to ignore her. I wondered in and out of all three places, having a beer in each. The skinny girl followed me each time. I was approached by unattractive, older, heavier ladies in each place. I had my eyes on one younger gal, but she seemed very involved in just having a good time with her female friend, playing pool, drinking, talking. I finally walked over and talked to her, asking if she might be available. She said she was! I asked again, saying I thought she was hanging with her girl friend tonight. She said it was her friend, but that she was looking for a booking too. (actually I can�t remember the exact words, but it was clear she was available to come back to my hotel for a fee). Her friend was pretty drunk, and looked to be asleep with her head resting on the table. The girl of my interest told me to wait a bit, and she walked out the door, perhaps to the next door bar, I do not know. I waited a minute. It was getting late, I was getting drunk and hungry. I was in Napolis so ordered a hot sandwich. When it came, the cute girl still had not returned, and the skinny girl was still hanging around and asked for some of my sandwich. Always the gentlemen, I shared it with her. Her English was pretty good, and she seemed very willing, and I guess I mistook her persistence for loyalty? In my drunken state, I decided an old bird in the hand was better than a young chick not yet returned, and I still was having waking nightmares about the young girl I took from Queens Bee. So I took her to my hotel, after first telling her I would pay 200,000. She was not happy with that amount, but agreed. I should have bailed right there.

Before we took a taxi back to the hotel, she asked me to pay for some sate from the street vendor. I did, thinking it would be nice to have a snack back at the hotel and chat and maybe get to know her a bit. We took a taxi to the hotel. She got right down to business, I used the toilet and when I came out she was nude and laying on the bed. I wished she had showered first. Oh well. She was certainly older, with evidence of having a baby, but was still very slim. With nearly no foreplay, she tried to pull me inside her. I had to once again stop her and get the condom on. She renewed her efforts to pull me inside. She was dry, so penetration was not easy. I applied my handy astro glide which helped. But not much was happening for me, very little sensation down there. Probably a combination of too much beer, her barely average looks, and more sex the last three days than I am used to. I laid down on my back and motioned to her to use her hand, which she gladly did. That was much better, and I decided to just finish like that. She was much more experienced than the two previous girls, and knew how to give a good hand job, including some teasing anal play. I had a nice orgasm, and she held on to me for a long time after. She went to clean up in the shower. Then just as quickly as she had undressed, she dressed and made ready to leave. Despite her expertise at hand jobs, I did not feel much for her. In fact I did not really like her very much, and was actually glad she was getting ready to leave. I did not trust her. On her way out, she, like my first girl, gathered up all the little bottles of complimentary shampoo, lotion, comb, razor, soap, etc. in the bathroom, and then tried to take all the food from the mini bar, but I stopped her. She said the cookies were for her child, I said no. I can be so cruel. She grabbed the sate, also saying it was for her child. I let her take that. And she was off. 12:30am. I fastened the security lock and had a nice sleep alone, my only night alone in Batam.(http://nedbatam.com)

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