GIRLS OF BATAM: One Bule's Experience - GIRL FOUR

by asiaphan

Jensen was due to return Saturday at noon. I waited for him in Lucy’s. Noon became 2pm, then 3pm. He finally came in around 3:30pm. He was greeted by a few other guys and it was more like 5:30 before I had a chance to talk to him. I asked him if he could show me around. He said it was late on Saturday and there would be slim pickings. I told him I knew that, and asked if he knew any local “factory” girls who would be interested in practicing their English with an American, and might also be open to a paid sexual encounter back in my hotel. He ignored my question and said he would pick me up at my hotel at 8pm and do his best to fix me up. OK, whatever, at least I would not have to go out and try to do it alone, I was having very poor luck on my own.

Jensen called about 30 minutes after 8pm, I was not surprised that he was late. He asked me to meet him in the lobby. I went downstairs, and he did not arrive for another 15 minutes. He repeated that Saturday night was hard, but that if I would just trust him, he would set me up with a good girl. Sure. He made a call on his cell phone and drove to a place called Horizon. He took me inside, there were two girls. One had pretty big tits and was wearing a tight halter top, she had short hair and was not very cute. The other was cuter, but taller than most other Indo girls, and heavier. That is the one Jensen said he was getting for me. Fine, whatever. Jensen paid the booking fee, and drove us back to the hotel. Her English was not bad, but I am sort of shy meeting new people and we did not talk much. Thankfully, she showered first, and then even asked me if it was OK to turn on the TV. I was impressed. Manners! I let her turn it on, and we hit the sack. She was far more experienced than any of the other girls, including the freelancer of the night before. She was dark skinned, about 10 pounds overweight, with big legs, stretch marks and sagging tits clearly indicating a baby. But her face was very cute, and she had great moves, like the pros in SF I was used to. I asked her if she liked to dance, and she said yes. I could tell. She would have made a terrific stripper in the states. The sexy hip wiggle came very naturally to her.

She was a very aggressive and energetic performer in bed. BBBJ, but condom for intercourse. She was not dry, nor very tight. We ran through the normal assortment of positions and I felt like I was back in SF in a massage parlor, which was not bad at all. She was very professional, active, energetic, and pretty skilled. Too bad she was also very mechanical, only had one speed, high. I finished up, we cleaned up, and headed to Lucy’s for a drink. It was about 10:30pm I guess. Jensen was there and asked me how she was.

I have to digress here for a minute. The expats that hang at Lucy’s have a very mercenary, impersonal and objective attitude about the working girls that bothered me quite a bit. They always asked about her “performance”, and attitude, never asked if I liked her or not. Jensen was the same. I never really got used to it.

I replied to Jensen that I liked her fine. He asked me, right in front of her, how she had performed in bed. I said everything was fine. Jensen seemed satisfied and left us. We had a couple drinks, she seemed to know nearly everybody in the place and spent a lot of time running around hugging and kissing old friends and chatting with them.

Around midnight I told her I was hungry, I had not had dinner. She asked me what I wanted. I did not want more of Lucy’s western pub food, and asked her if she could get some Indonesian food for me. What did I like? I had learned the names of only a few foods, so I told her sate, ayam goreng (fried chicken), and nasi goreng (fried rice). She took me outside and we got in a cab. I was leary of being taken for a high taxi fare, but went along. She and the taxi driver talked, and we were off. The taxi went a few blocks, and entered a parking area where dozens of small road side food stands were set up. Most looked closed for the evening. When we got to the end of the row of stands, my girl yelled out the window to one of the stands. I guess there was a reply, but I could not hear. Then my girl got out of the cab, motioned for me to stay in the cab, walked over to the workers in the stand and talked. She seemed to be pretty aggressive with them, maybe even demanding, gestured with her arms a lot. A few minutes later two guys came out with fans and started to fan the dying charcoal fire. A girl inside started to prepare some food. My girl came back to the taxi and sat close to me and we waited. I was afraid of the price this late night feast would run me, considering we had forced the folks to reopen. The food came wrapped in paper and stuffed in plastic bags. My girl asked for money, about R18,000, or US$2.50, for three bags of food! When we returned to the hotel, she asked me for R5,000, about US 65 cents, and gave it to the driver who accepted it without complaint. He had not driven very far, but had been with us over 30 minutes while we waited for the food. I was starting to like this!

Back in the room, the girl asked if she could use the phone. Once again I was worried about paying for a long call to her Australian boyfriend or something, but to my surprise she only talked a minute. Moments later the doorbell rang. She motioned to me to answer the door, it was housekeeping with two forks and two spoons, which she had ordered on the phone. I was really starting to feel very stupid about doubting this girl, she got me a nice inexpensive dinner from a place that was closed, saved me a couple dollars on taxi, and was making sure everything was fine as we ate.

We finished eating, showered again, and got in bed. She seemed very experienced and into sex, so I got out my bag of toys and tried out my vibrator on her. She knew what it was, and let me use it on her. She once again began her “performance”, stuck in high gear as before. It was not bad, and I started to feel very bad. She was working hard, and was all that I had hoped the previous girls would be. She was not at all self conscious with me, was active in bed, took care of me, seemed quite honest, so why was I not happier with her? I do not know. After taking the dildo vibrator inside her for awhile and going through all the porn video type moaning and groaning, she pulled me on top and inside her, and we went at it again, nearly an instant replay of the previous session. Then we slept.

No shenanigans during the night. We both woke fairly early. I think she was expecting me to initiate another sex session, but I did not and she did not act pleased nor displeased. I don’t remember if I asked her if she wanted breakfast with me or not, but in any event, she dressed and left the room to go back to her place around 8am. She made no attempt to round up the little bottles of shampoo and lotion and stuff in the bathroom. I gave her a small tip, about R(40,000). It was my fifth morning in Batam, and I knew that it was very normal for the girl to let herself out and go back early in the morning. While I never really liked it, I knew it was just Standard Operating Procedure, and not because the girl despised me and could not wait to get away from me. (Am I sounding insecure??? You betcha…..) I waited an appropriate amount of time to make sure she had left the hotel, then went down to breakfast, and had a very leisurely and satisfying breakfast. I saw the Singapore guy I had met that afternoon, who was staying in a room close to mine, and who passed me in the lobby the previous evening when I was waiting for Jensen, with an extremely beautiful girl on his arm. I asked him where the gorgeous girl was, he said still in his room sleeping, and he continued to finish his breakfast, alone.

I sat in the lobby and pretended to drink tea and read the papers, but I was actually waiting to see the working girls as they came down the elevator and left the hotel. I saw about 10 working girls, some hot, some not, walk through the lobby and exit the front doors alone. Only one guy, an older white man, came down with a girl on his arm for breakfast. I was slowly learning the ropes in Batam.

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