GIRLS OF BATAM: One Bule's Experience - GIRL SIX

by asiaphan

I met Jensen at Lucy’s in the afternoon. He once again asked me what I wanted. This time I had a specific answer. I told him I wanted to have short time with a drop dead gorgeous stunner of a girl. He said he would try his best. He took me to nearby Dynasty99. I saw one or two girls that were good looking to me, but not super hot. Both of them were clearly avoiding eye contact with me. I pointed out the two I liked to Jensen and he confirmed my impression that they did not want to go with foreigners. He then pointed out a younger looking girl with bigger breasts, who was sitting alone. I said she looked OK, which she did, but asked if he knew any other places. I was hoping to find a real stunner. We went across the street to Queens massage, not to be confused with Queen Bee, the very first place I went.

Queens is a fish bowl type place, the first one I had been to in Batam, or anywhere for that matter. Instead of a large picture window to view the girls as I had imagined, there was only a narrow slit in the wall, and it was hard to see all the girls. I had to move around, and walk back and forth. I felt quite silly peering in through the slats, like I was shopping for a good piece of meat, while Jensen, the manager, and a couple of flunkies watched me. The girls could see my face peering in at them, and I saw all the same reactions I had seen in the other places. Some consciously made heavy eye contact, some clearly tried hard to NOT make eye contact staring at the floor, others ignored me, some pointed to themselves, some stood up and turned around for me, a wide variety of responses, and a wide range of beauty among the girls. There were three that caught my interest, and one especially. She looked very young, 18 at the most, was very, very slim and petite, had long straight hair, fair skin, wore a tight halter top and tight jeans showing her very slim hips, reminded me of one of my employees back home that I had mightily, but secretly, lusted after. She looked a little whorish, but was very desirable to me. The manager called her out to meet me. Seeing the whole package in front of me, I definitely wanted this one. But the girl seemed very indifferent to me, and was not making eye contact. There was some discussion between Jensen and the manager. It was pretty clear the girl was very reluctant about going with me. I told Jensen that if the girl really did not want to go with me, that I did not want to push it. He said she did not want to go with me because I was bule, white foreigner. I pointed out the other two girls I found appealing, and he told me they would not go with me either for the same reason. We left. I asked him if he knew any other places. He suggested we go back to Dynasty99 and get a girl. I again asked him about other other places, as I knew there were dozens of places I had not visited in Batam. He drove another two minutes down the road to Crown, don’t know if it was officially a karaoke joint or massage, does not matter. There were no girls of any interest to me in Crown. I asked him if he knew any other places, but I got the message from his demeanor that my tour was up and I should choose from what I had already seen. A little disappointed, I opted to go back to Dynasty99 and take the younger girl with bigger breasts.

Jensen talked to the manager and arranged it. He told me I would be the girl’s first foreigner, that she was willing to try it, but might be a little nervous or scared. The girl took me to a short time room. I was, for the umpteenth time in Batam, taken aback at the ghastly conditions. The room was very small, had a small twin sized bed with a dirty bed cover, dirty wall, peeling paint, a stall with a hole in the floor and a bucket of water that was both shower and toilet, an air conditioner that did not work, and maybe worst of all, no windows! We sat on the edge of the bed, and after a minute of uncomfortable silence, it was clear I spoke no Indonesian and she no English. She unceremoniously took off her clothes and could not have done so in a less sensual way! I took off my clothes. She laid on the dingy sheets and opened her legs. Boy, this was pretty hard core! Not my speed at all, but I did my best to go through with it, for the experience if nothing else. And I was not sure if anything bad would happen to the girl if I backed out at that point. Would the manager think the girl had done something wrong and punish or penalize her?

Girl Six was fairly cute, almost chubby, she probably will be out right chubby in another year or two. Sort of nice breasts, but they looked better with her bra supporting them. Inverted nipples, hairless pussy, smooth skin, coarse hair a little past her shoulders. A young looking body, but not real hot. Like most of the girls before her, she was very dry when trying to enter, and a little prodding with my finger did nothing to help. I went at it, trying to enter gently and slowly. She winced a little. After several minutes and a couple aborted attempts, I was in. She did not seem uncomfortable at all, and even smiled back at me a couple of times, but was clearly not getting any sexual pleasure. She was almost completely passive. But at that moment it was better for me than the overly active and unsensual techniques I had experienced the last three nights. So what is wrong with me? I complain that one is too passive, then get two very active girls and they are too active, and get another passive girl and don’t like that either?

The room was hot and stuffy, sweat started to pour off my face, I was more and more afraid the girl would think I was a real pig, (and Muslims don’t like pigs!). I struggled to finish up, and finally did, barely reaching a weak orgasm. She “showered” by pouring a bucket of water over herself in the toilet/shower room. I suppose her impression that I was a pig grew by leaps and bounds when I refused to go in the stall for a “shower”. I tipped her a small amount, maybe 30,000, and took a taxi back to the hotel. I called Jensen on his cell phone, and told him I would not be needing his services that night, that I planned to just go drinking and bar hopping and maybe find something on my own.

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