City Cafe produced Four Seasons

The Indonesian musical INDUSTRY evidently did not want to lose to Taiwan.
When in the Asian country middle this had boyband phenomenal F4, then in the country had Four Seasons one boyband that set aside brought very polite lyrics the Mandarin।

Four seasons.jpgKebetulan, to celebrate New Year China (Imlek), New City Cafe that was in Batam Centre will produce boyband that just launched their first album last December 2007.
They will be present on the Ahad day (3/2) began to strike 09,00 PM in iven Clas Mild present The Red the Lantern of Party with Four Seasons @ New City Cafe।

The Indrajaya star from PT NTI Batam (Clas Mild) said, the first Four Seasons album was launched last December 11 2007 by Universal Music Indonesia।

His first album was given by the Tian Zi title that meant Children of Heaven.
Four Seasons had four personnel that the representative uniqueness four seasons in the world that is Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Unlike boyband Indonesia generally that only sang the person's song and not mengomposisi the song, then boyband this precisely made personally eight songs from 10 songs that were gotten in the Tian Zi album।
Two other songs were the recycling song, Good Bye My Love that had been sung by Teresa Teng।
Lainya, the Terindah Memory song belonging to Samsons that dialihbahasakan in the Mandarin's language to Zui in May li De Hui Yi.

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