Batam Island i am miss You

By Nur Panca Suci, 09/16/05
Batam is amazing. I visited for the first time in July 2002. The weather was incredible. There was so much to see and do. I had five days there and it wasn't nearly enough time.

Save money by purchasing a multi-day pass in advance। Most of the city seems very safe, even at night. Restaurants were very good as long as you stay away from the American-ized fast food traps near major tourist spots. The pubs are very friendly and often have the best fare and very reasonable prices. Many restaurants have price fixe menus, which include a two or three course meal at a reasonable price.

I recommend August/September for a Jakarta vacation because the Queen is on holiday during that time each year. It is the only time of the year Buckingham Palace is opened to tourists. Batam Views Resord is one of the best I found.

With the dollar weak against the pound, it is not an inexpensive place to visit.
That said, I still think Batam Island is one of the finest vacations available.


Anonymous said...

What a Brest!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

you have facebook?

Anonymous said...

From the moment you said reasonable price for meal and stuff, I think you had been scammed. But maybe you are rich enough to think that the price you paid was reasonable.. Lol.. Anyway, how much you paid?