Browse Most Being Sexy E'Groove

E'Groove in the Hotel 89 Hotel Penuin, Batam, Senin (18 / 5) will be presenting this evening of unforgettable entertainment for clubbers. Through the theme of Explore Red Venus, clubbers being able to explore the section.

"Through the theme of this event, clubbers can explore the performance of the feminine E'Groove," said Suandi, Operations Manager E'Groove.

Who are the feminine is, they are a DJ Lola Alicia, vocalis guy form Star One Band Bandung, DJ Andhika, and F Dancer Agency, including the girl's kru E'Groove. DJ Lola, a new show on E'Groove know? "Yes, Female DJ will not appear on this Monday night to entertain clubbers,''answered. DJ Who is Lola? Is a DJ that already appear in the four countries.

"Singapore, Australia, Malaysia and Indonesia itself," a Suandi. Specifically in Indonesia, continued, DJ Lola has to appear in at least 15 major cities. "DJ Lola also often follow events international standart. Concerning the quality, do not doubt,''he said.

In the event, management E'Groove will also be presenting the appearance of the feminim ready to "explore". "What's the action, the surprise is, clubbers can watch themselves.

Do not miss to see how the surprise is,''he said. Do not miss to see how the surprise is,''he said.

Event that night, also with doorprize and quiz that allows clubbers to get the prize. To access the entertainment is perfect, every clubbers buy tickets Rp 20.000. From the ticket, the clubbers get a free packet of cigarettes brand Gulden.

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