Ladies Nite, Having Fun

Pulsation in Batam Nightlife
Sonny, employees of private banks in Batam, leer hours a Swiss Army left arm in a circle, on Thursday (13 / 8) night ago. "Ops ... 10 days already," he said.

He was also rushing into the room kosnya in the Batam Center. Half hours later, the strapping man berpostur out. Wow, dapper clothes, and sepatunya fulgent Burberry Perfume hmm ...

"Tin tin ... ..." the sound a car horn sounded from the front of the room straight blond man kos this. Sonny also ponselnya to directly enter the pocket. Moment, Sonny rushing into the car Mitsubishi Lancer pick him.

That night, an 30-man this year is not the road itself. Accompanied two friends, Antoni and Uki, Sonny pull Jodoh to find a place to kongkow release beraktivitas tired after a whole day. "Ladies nite nih .. where we are," said Sonny to Antoni and Uki. "We are to the Pacific, Club One D'Brix or ...?" I ask this man well-fertile. Then, the color black sedan that is directly to the slide area Jodoh.
Ladies nite is different and special for the clubber. Unlike the usual tonight, a special ladies nite, clubbers women are free of entrance ticket. Time, ladies nite nightclubs in Batam also the color of clubbers.

In the ladies nite, Batam clubbers hunt nongkrong (sitting and drinking) a fun place to rest their exhausted. In addition Jodoh, Nagoya usually the most attractive. Not only because there were Noname and GG only. Two areas in the city, where there are many other entertainment and karoke.

As a city that is inhabited busy people, the places of entertainment such as night in Batam has become imperative. Enjoying, Batam has hundreds of entertainment venues that are almost in the heart of all this. Places of entertainment are diverse. Start from karoke, disco and pub. Batam as never sleeps.

Towards the evening, the sparkling atmosphere. Summary night beat 24 hours. Treat all the entertainment you want can be found here. This makes the clubbers came and continue to try the sparkling. From one place to other places of entertainment.

Sonny, for example, claim to spend a happy evening in the pub and disco different. "Search has just atmosphere," he said.

Uproarious sound of music sound system equipped megawatt super strength and state of the art laser lighting equipment advanced, add in the delicious atmosphere of the night club, located in the area Jodoh this. Dance floor and stage show presents the band celebrated Cabaret show to the attractive and exciting, always attract attention in the world to attend ajeb-ajeb it.

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