The Angels Percussion stamp E'groove

Percussion duo, The Angels Percussion from Bandung, stomping E Groove Pub at Hotel 89 Batam, Friday (9 / 10) night. Action two personnel The Angels Percussion, Dita and Usi make visitors that filled the pub rock.

Two beautiful women appearing before midnight, after the home band E Groove satisfy guests with popular songs abroad. Dita and Usi to direct his first appearance with the thumper perkusinya stomping. Thumper percussion Usi Dita and DJ combined with the game, so the visitors were rocked.

The first appearance of The Angels Percussion was only about ten minutes. Both the stage and then down a short break. Break The Angels Percussion six performances interspersed nan sexy beautiful model. The models of this mini-dress department is not less heat.

Attendance to leave the chair and approached the stage to take pictures. At the end of his appearance, these models showed that smoking also Gulden Elite organizers of this event. Until last appearance, the duo continues stomping percussion. Both occasionally shouting and jumping. Attendance continued swayed.

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