Steps Cafe: Party Together Rolling Stone

STEPS Cafe finally able to treat its visitors a sense of longing, tomorrow (25/11) night. Cafe in complex Plaza Nagoya Batam Batam, it will hold a concert offerings to the legendary band Rolling Stone.

Offering this concert, was deliberately held because of the many cafes visitor demand. In addition, in Batam, too many fans of this band. "Visitors almost every night request songs Rolling Stone. Therefore, we hold a special event to sing their songs, "says Raju, yesterday.

Moreover, UK-based band also deserves to be appreciated. Because until now still exist. "Although personnel are old but they are still active," he said. To bring the songs led the band is Mick Jagger, Steps Cafe was entrusted to the origin band Allfriends Jakarta, which once home cafe band.

"Allfriends Band will be able to cure homesickness visitors, because they are very good at bringing wing songs Rock n Roll, of course, the songs bearing the band's tongue stuck out," he said.

Raju believed the concert would be fun, because in addition to listening to your favorite songs from the Rolling Stone, visitors will also be warmed by offering house music DJ Cool Dian processed. Not to forget also to enliven the show will be interspersed with games and dance offerings Rock n Roll style.

"It's going great we containers. Profile in Rolling Stone's band will also be played before the songs were sung. Anyway the show is guaranteed fun, "added Raju.

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