This is Reggae Night Together at Steps Steven Cafe

STEPS Cafe in Batam love match, tonight, Thursday (12/11) held event Reggae Zone.
Ascertained tonight, Clubbers Steps reggae party will be called. Because, they will be alive with the party Steven Coconut Treez. Typical man dreads this, giving a new atmosphere for Steps Cafe Clubbers.

In each show Steven Coconut Treez always carry a few hits from the legendary Bob Marley and some of his own songs. Contains poetry criticism, protest, spirit, and even tend to 'naughty' able to hypnotize his audience to join in a rock this reggae music.

That's why reggae party do not pass this.''Chose, theme Reggae Zone, because of the many requests Clubbers. Today, we dedicate the theme for the Clubbers Steps Reggae Cafe,''said Raju from Tema Entertainment, yesterday to Batam Pos.
Clubbers party that night, also toned performance All Friends Band from Jakarta and DJ Cool Dian.

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