DJ Laura on Star Club

Providing entertainment is different in the Star Club Hotel Wiko, Disk Jockey (DJ) from Jakarta, Lala will pound the entertainment stage in Tanjungbalai Karimun. DJ Indonesia's tour is a show with the theme Clas Mild Women on Top at the Star Club Executive Pub, Hotel Wiko, Karimun, Saturday (12/12) later.

Campaign Staff Clas Mild Kepri, Safuan said, in order to satisfy the clubers, DJ Laura will carry 18 Best Beat. In addition to appearing in several major cities in the country, which had a beautiful DJ's real name is Romla, also often show skill in combining music from the disc in Malaysia and Singapore.

"DJ Laura has also appeared together with famous DJ from Malaysia, Afterhour DJ Syeni in Kuala Lumpur. If the quality and capacity problems, the DJ will be able to satisfy Laura clubers Karimun, "said Safuan, yesterday.

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