D’Box Toned Up By Expose Dancer

Night of year Commutation in Diskotek D’Box toned up with a number of event। One of them is appearance from Expose Dancer of origin Jakarta.

Believed the, action from this dancer will make the boy chest felt to palpitate. Because appearance six the sexy girl will conduct three super dance type hot.

Besides dancer, manejemen D’Boz also have prepared various event like live band, masquerade and trompet, and also appearance DJ.

Event of year Expectation started from at 09.00 PM till finish. Theme carried [by] management in the form of Super Model the Dancer
” We wish that night give the separate impression for visitor D’Box,” say the Ulya from management D’Box.

Unrightious management also prepare the special denan event frieze like ala of appreciation night. Red Karpet unfolding will greet the incoming guest
” We have prepared 25 desk VIP for the guest of. D’Box can accomodate more than 1.000 visitor night of year commutation,” say the Ulya again.

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