Paradise City Party

GREETING year commutation, City Cafe in Batam Centre perform the event which whew। Start from appearance of sexy models, concert 3 Goddess of Cabaret Goddess, parody Extravaganza till DJ which will invite the visitor to follow to to wiggle।

All that tidy in event of Paradise City Party of tonight ( 31 / 12) strarting at 09.00 PM till early morning.

Finishing year-end and greet to come the nya [of] new year inCity Cafe, ascertained will get the entertainment amusement with the different atmosphere.

” Pass The Paradise Ciy Party, we will give a talk on something impressively respect likely basin of world heaven,” word Tesa, EO of Event of Paradise City Party in City Cafe yesterday".

What is special also, this event will be brought by cutie, Sakira from Jakarta. Later, Sakira also will come up to amuse all visitor of City Cafe.

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