GIRLS OF BATAM: One Bule's Experience - GIRL EIGHT

by asiaphan http://nedbatam.com

I waited about fifteen minutes to give the Maxim girl time to get out of the hotel. Then I changed my clothes and took a taxi to Sensasi for what I hoped would be my long anticipated short time with an Indonesian stunner. I entered and met the manager from the previous night, man he must work long hours. I looked in the fish bowl and saw about the same number and quality of girls I had seen the night before. I asked the manager where the really pretty girls were. He said he had been waiting for me since 11am, and that the best girls were already gone��yea, right. Ok. I noticed that there were many girls still primping and not even ready to enter the fish tank. I figured the guy was just giving me a line, that�s OK, he still seemed like a nice guy.

I gave up on trying to find a stunner, and decided to just go with the one that seemed the cutest to me. I picked a fairly attractive girl, young with long straight hair past her shoulders, the only girl of my entire stay that had long hair (a disappointment to me as I adore long hair). I paid 140,000 for short time, the manger gave the girl a piece of paper and a condom, good. I followed the girl out the door and to a run down hotel around the back of Sensasi, it said hotel 99 on the door. She showed the front desk her piece of paper, got a key, and we went upstairs accompanied by the hoots, hollers and whistles of the grungy Indo men laying around the tiny lobby like the garbage outside laid on the ground. (hey, do you get the idea that I did not like the Indo men who lounged around all day and hooted at my girls?)

The room was similar to the one at Dynasty 99. No window, air con that did not work, small bed with dirty covers, and this time no towels. Not that I was about to enter the toilet/shower room with it�s one all-purpose bucket of water and one all-purpose drain. The girl was prettier than the one the guide had picked out for me at Dynasty99, had no trouble going with bule me, and I felt I was pretty much done needing a guide in Batam.

The sex was no better than with the Dynasty girl. Since I had just cum an hour earlier and was having way more sex in the last week than I was accustomed to, I was not nearly as �potent� as I wanted to be. Penetration was hard as her pussy was dry and my dick was not real stiff. I finally did get it in, but it was a struggle, and sex is no fun when struggling. I finally rolled over and asked her for a hand job, to which she gladly agreed, and started yanking away like she had done it a hundred times before, and maybe she had. Ordinarily her technique would have been too fast and too rough for my tastes, but in my depleted state it was fine. I removed the condom and she had no problem with that. I applied the lube I brought and she had no problem with that either. This girl was pretty nice, and pretty cute, although not a true stunner. She was definitely the prettiest girl I had in Batam. She kept cranking away up to and through my orgasm. I finally stopped her when it got too sensitive and she seemed a bit surprised. She did not even know I had cum, not totally surprising as it was very nearly a dry heave on my part. Not the greatest experience, but I like a good hand job, and I had fulfilled my goal of at least getting a pretty good looking girl. I gave her a small tip, thought that she might have been pretty good for all night, but guess what?

I repeated that short one hundred walk across the obstacle course and went directly to Maxims.

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