The Sake of Satisfactory Clubber Batam

THE Peak had an opportunity to not operate for two months because of carrying out of the place whole, currently were present with nuances being more elegant and the executive.
Just this was carried out for the sake of satisfactory clubber Batam।

The supervisor The Peak Pub Gandy Marsaid said, The Peak Pub that now is different far with the long concept।
Moreover, during soft opening on Friday (21/12) then, The Peak Pub also served performance the band OnePiece from Bandung, as well as the drink cocktail newest racikan typical The Peak to 150 guests who came।

Cocktail this consisted of 10 drink mixtures.
That night, all the guest who came to be seen really enjoyed the new atmosphere of this pub.
From that in the room, to that was in gazibu।

His appearance was drugged by the musical wave live that brought newest lyrics Indonesian music and west।

Moreover since soft opening until before grand opening this coming January 2008, The Peak Pub gave the discount 30 percent each bottle of the drink that was opened.

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