Noname Cafe Looking for Sexy Girls

The girl in Batam that felt sexy and brave appears, currently was challenged by Noname Cafe.
From today, on Wednesday (27/2) to his agenda this coming Saturday night (1/3), the section's girls could in Batam register themselves to Noname.

Wiwi, Manager Noname Cafe said, the criterion of the section's girl that it was thought was what was have the feeling of the self-confidence.

The section of the Noname version must not must be minimal.
But that important was confident (the self-confidence, red), smart although fat but stayed sexy, said Wiwi.

This site of the election of the section's girl along with the theme of the agenda welcome party OP Band namely the Creature Be Paling Seksi.

This theme was taken from the new song belonging to Mulan Jamella namely the Creature the Lord Be Paling Seksi.

For the assessment later from Noname and the visitor that came.
We wanted the visitor especially Nonameholic to be able to give the appreciation of the section's girls of the Noname version, said Wiwi.

Concerning this election of the section's girl, Noname often imported the section's model from Jakarta like FHM Models and Maxim Magazine.

This time we wanted to make the model personally from Batam, although not losing pretty and sexy compared to Jakarta, said Wiwi.

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