Creature Most Sexy in Noname

Welcome party OP Band, a board band from Jakarta in "Noname Cafe", this evening, Saturday ( 1 / 3) special enough
In iven which have coronet ” Creature Most Sexy” this, at the same time by place is seeking of Batam girls which feel the sexy x'self. Later;Then have, competition in sexy election girls of version "Noname Cafe"

Others, attendance of OP Band make the "Noname Cafe" a weeklong forwards ( 1-5 March) will be amused by three band at one blow namely OP Band, The Kings of Band and New Colours Band

Wiwi, Manager of "Noname Cafe" tell, for the place of to look for the being most sexy version Noname, criterion of girls section assessed by owner feel the self confidence. ” Sexy of version "Noname Cafe" not must have to minim. important but self confidence, tubby smart although but remain to be sexy,” she said

Concerning this sexy election girls, frequent Previous "Noname Cafe" conducive to the beautiful models [of] sexy nan from Jakarta. Like, FHM Models and Maxim Magazine. ” This [is] we wish to make the model [by] xself from Batam, what perhaps [do] not fail sexy and beautiful compared to from Jakarta,” word Wiwi
To all winner, N"Noname Cafe" have drawn up the interesting present perhaps.

Concerning attendance of OP of Band or Ocean Pacific, representing band having separate style. They very amusing of Nonameholic. ” OP Band is enough respected, and surely this band have the clock flown high enough to come up in cafe,” she said. In order not to interest, please be direct witness the place ” Being Most Sexy” this evening.

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