No Limit with Rebecca in e'Groove

Pretty Singer, Rebecca that was great through the "Tanpamu" lyric, again appeared in Batam.

This time the sweetheart Abi Yapto this will coo in e'Groove Pub, Hotel 89, tonight, on Friday (7/3) began to strike 21,30 WIB.

The presence of the girl had the full name Rebecca Soejati Reijman dalan iven featured A Mild Live No Limit With Rebecca as an editorial.This was iven e'Groove the two with A Mild and will become a performance that was special for clubbers in Batam, said Operational eGroove Manager Pub, Richard.

Rebecca that was born in the Netherlands, this February 21 1985 was the second daughter from the couple Robert Jean Lewis and Rinie Soejati.

He was increased and was kept for quite a long time in the Netherlands, completing formal education as far as University of The Hague, Management and Law, The Netherlands.

The girl was bloody the Dutch mixture of her father and Magelang from her mother, admitted to singing initially only as the hobby.

In fact, the talent sang and wrote the song, in fact has been since he was eight years old.
Her father who had the playing hobby music but also the band player, really influenced the style of music and her voice swing.

However, Rebecca only did not believe what available to himself uptil now.
He then sharpened the talent sang him by joining the vowel exercise and studying in the musical school in the Netherlands.

After through the quite long process, finally on the end of 2006, the side 88 musics asked him to co-operate produced an album.

The first album that diterbit by DJ Sumantri under the label 88 musics had 10 songs that often told all about the woman and the love.

This theme was sung out by Rebecca in various musical kinds, like R&B, jazz, pop and rock.
Single that featured Tanpamu to the song as an editorial hits in this album.
Currently Rebecca completes the videoclip both of them that were featuring Sorry "Aku Mencintai Kekasihmu".

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