Home Autosteps Pub Local Band from Batam

Complement the rapid development of entertainment in Batam, the Autosteps Pub comes with a creative style. Pub resemble sporti this theme, starting mid week ago carry My Band as the band's home. Interestingly, this home is a band local band Batam.

Overview of not much different from my band, but not with any of the My Band is all young people Batam. "While My Band is local Band Batam, but the game music and the vokalist still not lose with the band's home outside Batam,''said Billy, Autosteps Pub Manager, yesterday.

Eight of the My Band, namely Opic (vocal), Kiki (vocal), Desi (vocal), Nova (vocal), Nando (guitar), Edi (base), Agus Keyboard & I-Is (drummer).

In this special night, Saturday (23 / 5) My Band will present the theme of each Request Top visitors Autosteps Pub. Variety demand akan My Band played the song is Top 40, Rock, Pop, and others. Pragram with this, every visitor can be Autosteps Pub will consoled with the songs played in my band.

With a name easy to remember, My Band hope will get a place in every heart Autoclubbers Batam and surrounding areas. Because children's achievement Batam this band in the world of entertainment is quite good.

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