This night, Starlight act

Entertainment soulmate back show exciting event titled Secret Angels, a weekly night to give a young servant in Batam.

"Clubbers Batam may be saturated if continual events are monoton. So we try to combine several showtimes at once," said Roly Entertainment's soulmate in the Batam Pos Baloi, yesterday.

In addition to fashion show, clubbers will enjoy showtimes contemporary dance and music that were homeband Club One, V-Luta Band, and DJ Ragil action.

According to Roly, visitors can not only entertainment that came to it. "We will also distribute prizes through games and lucky draw with attractive prizes," tukas Roly.

In addition seabrek spectacle and prizes, Club One provides a range of facilities. Roly mentioned, visitors will get a bottle club VIP card for free.

The card can be used anywhere in the home have VIP club logo in the place. "The card is to get 10 percent discount, for each purchase of a drink," tukas Roly.

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