Noname Cafe, Underwater Party III

WORLD beneath the sea inspire Noname Cafe to create a event for visitors setianya. Previously, similar events have been held two times and get the appreciation nonameholic.

Thursday night (28 / 5), theme Party Underwater III, will be carried back. With display Wattu DJ, MDS Band and TNT Band, this event will be unique and slightly different from the previous two events.

"There is something new in this Underwater Party III," said Wiwi, Noname Cafe Manager. In this event, there are games funny-games to test the mental nonameholic dare appear. Participate in a variety of gifts we prepare, "he added.

Noname often bring their own events special to the faithful visitor. "This is to give new things, so always get a heart Noname among clubbers in Batam," Wiwi said.

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