Step Cafe show The Texas Ranger

STEP Jodoh Cafe in Batam, on Thursday (28 / 5) night, the event will serve Texas Ranger theme for clubbers. Even through this exciting time, clubbers will bernostalgia dimensions at once into the cowboy.

"Overall compliance with the theme, start decorating, entertain, the band's appearance, waitress. Overall nuances cowpuncher relic, "said Olivia, Entertainer of the Step Cafe, Wednesday (27 / 5) to Batam Pos.

Home Cafe Precisio Step band Band from appearing with the western style of clothing. Although rock style, Precisio Band, he can adjust with the theme of the event and meet all the songs demand clubbers. Appearance is also a la cowboy dikenakkan DJ Dian and his waitress. Ascertained, clubbers akan atmosphere brought the heroic cowboy.

"Clubbers are expected to wear cowboy nuanced, if not no use whatsoever. But, from all the clubbers who wear western clothes, good guy and will do our best to find style, get a prize Step Cafe, "he said.

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