Steps Cafe: Heated Honky Tonk Women

Sparkling Step Cafe witness magnificent works of the Rolling Stones, who returned to reverberate in the concert Tribute to the Rolling Stones. Special concert on Wednesday (25/11), the singer supported the band joined in, Allfriends.

The concert is dedicated to a British band that started at 24.00 pm. The concert opened with the delivery profile of the legendary band. With his song titled Honky Tonk Woman. After that, Allfriends performed with wing opening song Rock n Roll from some other band.

"This is just the warm-up before entering the concert offerings for the Rolling Stones," says Raju, Event Organizer, when found last night at the Steps Cafe. Appearances they made the atmosphere festive concert early.

After singing three songs, the concert opened Allfriends dedication to the Rolling Stones with the song Start Me Up. Visitors will also wreak longing with the band prancing and making berteriak.Penampilan the festive atmosphere of the concert early.

The audience seemed to be drawn into the 70s-era when the Rolling Stones hits like Honky Tonk Woman, Brown Sugar, Dead Flower, Angie, Paint Black, It's All Over Now, brought allfriends. Although Allfriends not enliven the concert with a fashion typical of the era of 70, but the atmosphere is still attractive.

The work of Ronnie Wood, Charlie Watts, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards pat on the head is still attached to his thousands of fans. Throughout the concert, the audience chant fluent.

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