Noname Cafe: Crossover Gone, Hot Plate ArriveNoName

Cafe again held a farewell party, on Saturday night (9 / 1). This time the band would leave the Crossover nonameholic from Bali. Which carried the theme this time of the Bedtimes Stories 1.

Crossover band capable of bringing these various streams of music composed Agus, O'oz, Dewi (all vocals), Naro (keyboards), Sambi (drums), Aconk (bass), and Ivey (guitar).

"And the band that replaced the Hot Plate mereke band will be appearing starting next Monday," said Wiwi, Noname Cafe Manager.Hot Plate own group band from Jakarta. They consist of Nita, Iin, Shanty, Elmo (vocals), Ichan (guitar), Luqman (bass), Fafa (drums), Jimy (keyboards), and Tony (percussion + vocals).

"Farewell this party, would be excited with the decor and staff as well as performance Performace Crossover last time," Wiwi said.

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