Cafe on the Bus

Do you like traveling culinary and Hangout? Now comes a fun place, Bus Stop Cafe & Resto in Upper Seraya, Batam. "Bus Stop Cafe & Resto will operate starting today (9 / 1)," said Tjondro Yuwono, owner of Bus Stop Cafe & Resto met, Friday (8 / 1).

Tjondro who accompanied the princess, Carolline Yuwono, call the cafe with a unique concept in the new bus was the only one in Batam and Indonesia.

"This is the first, but soon we will open in Jakarta and to the front as well in large cities other," he explained.In addition to a very unique place that is in the bus, the food menu other than the others. One of the most reliable Suka'Ku the taste of western food. "This menu of his own creation," claims Carolline Yuwono.

This Suka'Ku flavor variety, there is a special fruit, ice cream, banana chocolate, cheese, hot dogs, and soup. "Suka'Ku fruit is the most reliable menu and only exist in our cafe," said the white-skinned girl.

Very interesting, these menus are offered in the form of packages. To be able to taste various foods, visitors can not direct message and eat. But had to go to the counter to buy a bus ticket (food), after it sat in a bus. The concept is exactly the same as buses. Come buy a ticket, wait a minute just to eat together. "All the same, and no visitors who ate first," adding Tjondro call, before dining visitors will also be given the speech by the manager through the LCD TV.
In addition to eating while watching the scene spread of Batam, which operated the cafe since the afternoon at 16.00 pm until 24.00 pm that night, visitors can menoton various events and entertainment through the TV screen LCD.

For surfing in cyberspace, available Wi-Fi. We do not have to eat hot, because this cafe in a bus equipped with air conditioning.Not only that, Bus Stop Cafe & Resto be chartered to celebrate the birthday or office gathering, such as the Bridge Tema or other tourist attractions."Stay where specified place. The bus will take us there, complete with food dish, "said Tjondro, while confirmed the presence of a unique cafe also to support the Visit Batam 2010.

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