Zoom's Pub KTV song More Complete

ZOOM'S KTV Pub in love match again present spoil people who want to enjoy the entertainment. In the pub that officially opened on Wednesday (6 / 1) and this, visitors can choose the room karaoke and as you wish. Could be in the hall or in the VIP room.

KTV pub and this gives another atmosphere to the presence again. After entering the zoom's Pub & KTV guaranteed Clubbers will get a new atmosphere in the pub & KTV is located in Mermaid Street Center Point Complex this love match. A three-story building was transformed into classy pubs and KTV in Batam.

"Previously there was only hall here. Now there are VIP, there were seven. Everything on the third floor, "said Apeng, manager of Zoom's Pub and KTV, Saturday night.

On the second floor directly Clubbers can get a hall that accommodates up to 150 people after climbing the stairs.

In this hall can enjoy the songs you want and sing like in the show. Because of course, watched the other visitors.

Pub room is equipped with facilities of a long bar, a stage that presents nightly local and foreign bands, DJs and guest stay, billiards room, and a soundman and lighting create an atmosphere suitable forentertainment pub.

If you want a more private or with family and friends, Clubbers can choose the VIP room on the third floor. Clubbers do not need to feel tired due to the third floor because the staircase is not straight to the third floor. But it must pass through the hall first, so do not feel.

"This VIP room can accommodate between 10 to 20 people. Able to party like a birthday, "explained Apeng.

VIP room with a minimalist nuances of different ornaments every room. Screen facility twice the size of two meters and soud BMB, making Clubbers can enjoy the songs that were sung. "The songs have more complete," he said.

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Vang Vieng said...

Thanks for the info, i really enjoyed myself at the Zoom pub.